Each year in Missouri, there are approximately 35,000 car crashes resulting in injury or death. In these accidents, nearly 800 people are killed and close to 50,000 people are injured. What if you or a loved one becomes one of these statistics? Would you know where to turn? You can count on Kansas City car accident attorney Kevin J. McManus to investigate your accident and hold the liable party accountable. Our Kansas City personal injury attorney handles all kinds of accident injuries, including those involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, pedestrians or dangerous property conditions. When your life is turned upside down by a distracted, negligent, or drunk/impaired driver, you need reliable legal representation. 

Injured in an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

In order to give our clients the best possible service, we only accept a limited number of auto accident cases each year. We don’t accept cases with questionable merit and we don’t work on volume. We carefully consider each case and only accept it if we can give it the time and attention it deserves. If we do take your case, you can count on us to be thorough and tenacious. We will schedule an initial consultation to learn about your case and walk you through the legal process.  Our goal is to remove the stress from what happened and make sure your rights are protected by taking the necessary legal steps, including the following:

  • Contact doctors to collect all relevant medical information, including hospital records and bills
  • Undertake an expert investigation of the accident scene
  • Interview witnesses
  • File a lawsuit, including handling all necessary motions and depositions
  • Advise you on whether to accept any settlement offers considering your needs, current and future
  • Handle the “discovery” process—reviewing the other side’s story and evidence prior to any trial
  • Prepare you for trial—as well as any witnesses and evidence
  • Go to trial with confidence

When you work with our Kansas City auto accident law firm, you can be confident that you have an experienced serious injury lawyer in your corner. Our office will keep you informed every step of the way as your case proceeds, so you are never in the dark.

Kansas City Accident Cases We Handle

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in any kind of auto accident that was not your fault, we would love to hear your story. We have successfully handled all of the following kinds of injury accidents:

  • Car accidents. Whether the driver who hit you was distracted, drunk or impaired, or just careless, his insurance company should be made to pay maximum coverage amounts when you suffer a serious injury that will affect you for the rest of your life.
  • Truck accidents. Commercial truck drivers and their employers carry multi-million dollar insurance policies, which is a good thing considering that the costs of recovering from the spine and brain injuries that can result from a crash with a semi-truck can be astronomical.
  • Motorcycle accidentsMotorcyclists depend on others being aware of their presence for their safety. When drivers of cars or trucks fail to yield to motorcyclists, the resulting crash often leaves the biker with a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or worse.
  • Pedestrian & bicycle accidents. A pedestrian or bicyclist who is obeying traffic rules doesn’t stand a chance when hit by a car. If you are the victim of such a crash, you need an attorney who will fight for your right to fair compensation.
  • Slip & Fall cases. A slip and fall or trip and fall accident can cause serious injuries. You may be struggling to pay your medical bills while also being unable to work and earn a living due to your injuries. Our Kansas City slip and fall lawyer can help.

There are important steps that must be taken as soon as possible after any of these kinds of accidents. Call our office immediately, and we will get started fighting for your recovery. 

The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend—but Our Attorney Is

Our clients are often surprised to learn that insurance adjusters are not out to help them. Instead, their goal is to save their company as much money as possible. As a former attorney who represented the insurance industry, Kevin McManus knows their tricks and knows how to fight against them.

Our Kansas City Accident Attorney Represents Clients in Missouri & Kansas

We are based in Kansas City. However, our lawyer serves clients throughout Missouri and Kansas. In addition to taking cases in Kansas City, we also represent clients from cities including, but not limited to:

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