Injuries in Lenexa, Kansas Need Our Attorney's Expertise

A sudden accident can turn your world upside down. You or your family member may need surgery, or you may face a lengthy recovery at home. Even if you were not severely injured, you might still require a doctor’s care and several weeks out of work to recover from your injury.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, an accident is a serious matter. In addition to the physical and emotional injuries you suffer, you also may incur substantial financial losses. It was not your fault that you were injured. You deserve to be compensated fully for your injuries and damages.

The insurance company for the other party is not interested in helping you recover from your injuries. It is only interested in limiting its losses.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, we fight to protect your right to fair compensation for accident injuries. Our Lenexa personal injury lawyer handles all aspects of your accident claim. We how to carefully document your damages to maximize the value of your personal injury claim. We aggressively fight to get you the money you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyer handles cases and clients in Lenexa and throughout Missouri and Kansas.  Call 816-203-0143 now to schedule your free consultation with a Lenexa personal injury attorney.

How Our Lenexa Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Lenexa KS Personal Injury & Accident AttorneyWe understand that you need help right now. You may have questions about Lenexa personal injury claims and the quickest way to get the money you need after an accident and injury. At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, we want to give you the information you need in the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way for you.

Here are three ways we can help you with your Lenexa personal injury claim:

  • Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Lenexa personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Call 816-203-0143 to speak with a member of our legal team about setting up your free appointment with a personal injury lawyer in Lenexa, Kansas. You can schedule a virtual or in-person consultation.
  • Download a copy of our free personal injury book. Our attorney has written several books related to personal injury claims. You can download these free personal injury books from our website. You will find answers to many of your questions about injury cases in these books.
  • Read about personal injury claims by accessing our library of articles, videos, blogs, and FAQs. All of this information is available free of charge.

During your free consultation with an experienced Lenexa personal injury attorney, you discuss the specific details of your accident and injury. You learn how hiring a personal injury lawyer in Lenexa, KS, will help you as you seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

You also learn about our contingency fee. We do not charge you upfront attorneys’ fees to take your case. You only pay our attorneys’ fees when we recover money for your personal injury claim.

What Types of Lenexa Accidents Cause Serious Injuries?

Numerous accidents and incidents can result in a traumatic or life-threatening injury. If another party causes the accident, that party can and should be held liable for the damages caused by the accident.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, we handle personal injury claims that arise from situations related to:

The injuries sustained from these types of accidents and wrongdoing can result in permanent impairments or disabilities. It is vital that you take steps to protect your right to full compensation for your damages. Our Lenexa personal injury lawyer is ready to help you take the steps necessary to hold the at-fault party financially accountable for your injuries.

Common Injuries from Accidents in Lenexa, KS

All injuries caused by an accident are serious. Even minor injuries can result in thousands of dollars of damages and chronic pain and suffering. The insurance company for the other party will attempt to downplay your injuries. Do not let that happen.

Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Delays in medical care could harm your health and your personal injury claim. Documenting your injuries is crucial in a personal injury case.

Examples of injuries that are common in accident cases include:

You could sustain a catastrophic injury that results in a disabling condition. A broken bone could result in surgery and months of physical therapy before you can return to work or normal daily activities. You may need help from family, friends, or paid services because of your injuries.

A fair personal injury settlement can reimburse you for your costs of recovery. It may not undo the damage caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness, but it can provide the financial help you need after an accident.

What Damages Can I Recover After a Personal Injury in Lenexa, Kansas?

The damages caused by a personal injury in Lenexa include financial losses, pain, and suffering. The types of damages included in your injury claim depend on the facts of your case.

However, most personal injury victims can receive compensation for their:

  • Medical bills and expenses related to the care and treatment of injuries after an accident
  • Personal care costs for in-home health care and assistance with personal needs or household help
  • Loss of income and benefits, including reductions in earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering damages, including physical discomfort, mental anguish, and emotional distress
  • Disabilities, permanent impairment, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and decreases in quality of life

The value of your personal injury claim depends on the severity of your injuries, your total economic losses, and other factors. Our Lenexa personal injury attorney carefully documents your damages to maximize the value of your claim. Our legal team works to gather evidence to support a payment equal to the full amount of all damages.

When Should I Hire a Lenexa Personal Injury Attorney?

A few personal injury cases can be settled without the help of a lawyer. Our personal injury attorneys in Lenexa, Kansas, are honest and upfront with you about whether we can help you. If we do not believe you need our services, we will try to help you by providing as much information as possible about settling your claim.

However, most injury victims benefit from hiring a Lenexa personal injury attorney to handle their cases. Some factors that indicate you need to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible include:

  • Traumatic or catastrophic injuries
  • Significant medical expenses, lost income, and financial losses
  • Injuries to children
  • Accidents involving commercial trucks or vehicles
  • Cases involving government vehicles or employees
  • The insurance company is trying to blame you for the cause of your injury
  • The other party denies liability for the accident or your injury
  • Cases involving permanent impairments or disabilities

It is always beneficial to meet with a lawyer to discuss your case before talking with an insurance adjuster or accepting a settlement offer. Our Lenexa personal injury attorney meets with you free of charge to discuss your case.

You cannot lose anything by taking advantage of a free consultation with an attorney. You could lose thousands of dollars by not consulting with a lawyer before accepting a settlement offer for your personal injury claim.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lenexa Do for Me?

In addition to providing compassionate support and guidance throughout a difficult and challenging experience, our Lenexa personal injury lawyer also:

  • Conducts a thorough and comprehensive accident investigation to gather evidence proving fault and liability
  • Identifies each party who may have liability for your injury claim
  • Files all insurance claims and handles communications with the insurance company
  • Documents your damages and calculates the maximum value for your personal injury claim
  • Aggressively negotiates for a fair settlement for your case
  • Pursues a personal injury lawsuit, when necessary, to protect your legal rights and best interests

Our goal is to get you the highest award available for your claim while allowing you to continue to heal from your injuries without the stress of dealing with insurance companies and other parties.

Call for a Free Strategy Session With a Personal Injury Attorney in Lenexa, Kansas

Please do not wait too long to reach out to our office to talk with a Lenexa personal injury lawyer. Your time to file a claim is restricted by Kansas statutes of limitations. Waiting too long to pursue a legal case could result in losing your right to hold the person responsible for your injuries liable for your damages.

Download a free copy of our personal injury book and contact our office to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Lenexa, KS. Call 816-203-0143 or completing our online contact form to contact our office.

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