Why You May Need a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

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Does this sound familiar?

You were recently injured in a car accident in Missouri or Kansas. The wreck was not your fault, but you are already getting calls or letters from the other driver's insurance company. You may be wondering: what could they possibly want when I'm still recovering?

They may want you to record a statement or sign some documents, perhaps even a release. Some insurance companies even dissuade injured people from speaking with an attorney and try to get them to settle for a low-ball offer. 

Speak with a local car accident lawyer first.

Despite what the adjuster may tell you, the insurance company of the at-fault party is not your friend. To them, your injuries are merely a liability to be avoided, a number to be minimized. For this reason, you should be very careful taking any actions before at least talking with an experienced car accident attorney.

We can help.

With an experienced car accident lawyer on your side, you are letting the insurance company know you are serious and will not stand for any hardball tactics. They will have to deal with a skilled legal advocate who believes in your case and is willing to take on the risk that you will succeed.

Our Kansas City law firm handles all accident and injury claims on a contingency fee basis. This means our fee is conditional on your case succeeding. We front all the costs for your case, and we only get paid if we recover compensation for you.


Q:  Does a case consultation with Kevin McManus Law cost anything?

A:  No. Our personal injury legal team provides free consultations for cases involving car accident injuries.

Q:  When do I need a lawyer in a car accident case?

A:  If you were involved in a minor accident with minor or no injuries, you may be able to handle the matter yourself. However, if you suffered broken bones, concussion, whiplash, back pain, or other more serious injuries, you should reach out to our accident attorney as soon as possible. If you are in doubt, contact our office for a free consultation; we’re here to help!

Q:  What should I do after a car accident?

A:  Call 911 and get medical assistance if you are injured. It’s also very important to gather evidence from the scene, such as taking photos of your vehicle and any others involved in the accident, if you're able to. You also need to get names, telephone numbers, and statements from eyewitnesses and report all the details of the accident to the police. Next seek medical attention immediately to be thoroughly checked out. Some injuries aren't apparent until much later after an accident. The earlier you see a doctor, the better documentation you’ll have of your injury. Most importantly, contact our personal injury attorney, who handles car accident cases, for a free consultation.

Q:  Is it okay to talk to insurance adjusters after an accident without an attorney?

A:  No. The at-fault party's insurance company is not your friend. They may attempt to blame you for the accident or twist what you say in their favor. They are looking for holes in your story and any potential weakness in your case. Do not handle these conversations alone without our personal injury attorney. We understand the insurance company's tactics and will prepare you for how best to handle them.

Client Testimonial For Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

Car Crash Client Testimonial

Kevin McManus is an attorney who I would recommend to anybody who has been in a car accident and is seeking help. The first call I made to him after my accident - I was looking for somebody to tell me exactly what I needed to do.  I had a horrible concussion, it was impossible to think clearly, challenging to read, and even communication was hard. My emotions were horrendous. I didn't want to let the insurance company screw me over.  I was unable to work and had to drop out of full-time college courses, putting me a year behind graduating. My world quickly crumbled, but boy am I glad I called Kevin. I will remember this phone call forever.  He took an hour and told me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it.  He was kind and very empathetic and not once did he try to push his services onto me.  I felt understood and it finally felt like I had somebody on my side. 

A couple of months later, I also found out I needed to have a form of brain surgery. This condition was not caused by the wreck but it was directly intensified because of it, and why my concussion was getting worse. Technically, I didn't have enough space in my head for my brain to heal correctly.

Throughout all of this, Kevin and his team stayed in contact with me when it was needed, and never too much. What I liked most about him is that there was very little pressure put onto me to figure things out.  He took it from there!

In the end, we received exactly what Kevin asked for and a trial was never required. The biggest thing I can tell somebody who is in similar shoes as mine, is to ASK FOR HELP, it's out there and you don’t have to do this alone, even if it feels like it.

Richelle O.

How Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Here are a few ways we can help you right now:Kansas City car accident lawyer Kevin Mcmanus auto accident book Crash Course

  • Download our attorney's free bookCrash Course: 9 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Accident Claim. This guide was written by our car accident attorney and will help you protect your legal rights and avoid the worst mistakes after a crash.
  • Call our office at (816) 203-0143, and talk to our legal team today. You can also schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our attorney. We will provide an honest assessment of your case, including whether you may be able to handle your claim on your own without a lawyer. That's right -- some car accident claims can be handled without a lawyer. If that's the case for you, we will tell you and share resources to help you settle your claim without a lawyer.
  • Review our online articles, FAQs, blog posts and videos about accident and injury cases. If your question is not answered there, simply fill out the contact form or online chat and tell us more about your specific issue. 

Our Kansas City car accident law firm has the skills, experience, and resources necessary to maximize your recovery after a car accident. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident in Kansas or Missouri that requires medical treatment, you need to consult with an experienced car accident attorney who will guide you through the legal process and take care of the legal work so you can focus on getting better.

We provide free, confidential consultations, and there is no obligation to hire our firm. We believe information is power, and we strive to provide anyone who contacts us with useful information about car accident claims so you can make the best decision possible about your case, even if you do not hire our law firm.

If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced car accident attorney, please contact our Kansas City law firm at 816-203-0143. We are here to help. 

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Missouri & Kansas

Whether you live in the Kansas City metro area or anywhere else in Kansas or Missouri, you will probably, at some point, be involved in a car accident. Every year, there are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S., and over 3 million people suffer car accident injuries.  Over 30,000 people are killed each year from car crashes in Kansas and Missouri.

When evaluating a Kansas City car accident claim, it is critical to understand not only what happened but also why it happened. Below are some of the most common types or causes of car crashes in the Kansas City metro area and throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Distracted driving

Every day, more than 9 people are killed due to distracted driving, which amounts to roughly 3,300 deaths in the U.S. The most common cause of distracted driving is cell phone use and texting while driving. In addition, distracted driving can include talking to passengers, eating, dressing, and listening to loud music. Our legal skills and expertise can investigate and help prove whether the other driver was distracted when the car crash occurred.

Drunk or impaired driving

Driving while impaired or under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous and reckless act that puts thousands of innocent people at risk every day. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), 2 out of 3 people will be involved in a drunk driving accident during their lifetime. Our firm has helped victims and their families who were seriously injured car accidents caused by a drunk or impaired driver. In general, these accidents and the injuries they cause tend to be more serious, even life-changing or fatal. The loss can be so devastating and overwhelming that you may not know where to turn. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, please know that you have a right to seek justice and compensation for the injuries and loss sustained.

Speeding, reckless driving

The rules that govern our roads are there for a reason—to help keep our streets and highways safe for all. When someone breaks these rules and exceeds the speed limit or ignores red lights, they are violating the law and your right to safety on our roads. Drivers who cause car wrecks by driving recklessly, whether by speeding, tailgating, and illegal passing, must be held accountable.

Ride-sharing vehicles or delivery trucks

Car accidents that involve drivers for ride-sharing companies, such as Uber or Lyft, or other commercial vehicles, including delivery trucks like Amazon, UPS, or Fed-Ex, businesses add a layer of legal complexity. An experienced car accident lawyer can help identify all the parties who may be at fault for the accident and all potential insurance policies so you recover the maximum amount for your injuries.

Regardless of whether your accident was caused by a driver who was texting and driving, who was impaired or drunk, or who simply did not obey the rules of the road, our legal team has the experience, skills, and resources to hold them accountable and recover the compensation that you deserve.

We can help you maximize the recovery in your case so you can get back to the life you want to live. Our office is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and we serve accident and injury clients throughout Kansas and Missouri. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 816-203-0143.

Personal Injury Caused By Car Crashes in Kansas City

We have helped clients recover after all types of car crashes, including head-on collisions, t-bone wrecks, and rear-end accidents. While injuries may differ, in all of these cases our clients deserved justice for the harm and losses they suffered. Some of the more common car accident injuries are:

From this list, it's clear that car accidents can often result in more than just inconvenience, they can also lead to massive medical bills, lost wages, costly future medical care and even permanent loss of life.

Our law firm works with clients who have experienced truly catastrophic damages, and we are ready to prepare every aspect of your case so you can maximize the recovery you deserve. Our experienced legal team can also help remove our clients’ stress so they can focus on getting better.

If you have suffered a life-changing injury in Missouri or Kansas, and are dealing with growing medical bills or difficult insurance adjusters, our legal team is here to help. Call us at 816-203-0143.

Recovering Damages After a Car Accident in Missouri or Kansas

Depending on the cause of the car accident and the injuries sustained, you may be entitled to fair and just compensation for the economic and non-economic losses caused by the crash. However, payments from insurance companies are rarely paid without demonstrating the ability to prepare and take your case to trial because insurance companies are hoping to pay as little as possible. 

Hiring an experienced Kansas City car accident attorney and filing a civil claim is the best way to recover the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Such compensation may include money for:

  • Property Damage
  • Lost Wages and Loss of Future Earnings
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Distress
  • Lost Quality of Life
  • Punitive Damages

We Serve Car Accidents Clients Throughout Missouri & Kansas

Our car accident lawyer serves clients who are injured in accidents throughout Kansas and Missouri. In the Kansas City metro area, this includes but is not limited to Jackson, Cass, Clay and Platte County, Missouri as well as Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas and Leavenworth County, Kansas. In addition to Kansas City, some of the neighboring towns we commonly serve include:

Looking to Hire a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer?

There are so many attorneys who say they handle car accidents, but they also practice 10 or 20 other areas of law. No one can do everything well. Some attorneys are more focused on talking about themselves and how great they are, but they never share any information that could help you with your case. 

Our law firm is different. Our focus is accident and injury law, and we strive to provide you with useful information about car accidents and other injury claims so you can make the best decision possible, even if you do not hire our law firm.

That’s right. You may ask: why would we want to help anyone who is injured with free information, regardless of whether they hire our firm? 

The answer is simple:

  • We are truly sorry that a car accident has forced you to look for an attorney; and
  • We want to help you to recover from your injuries so you can get back to living the life you deserve.

No one wants to have gone through what you are going through. The legal system can be confusing and difficult to navigate. But that's why we are here to provide helpful information – so you can make the best decision possible about your case.


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