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Child Pedestrian Injured in Crosswalk

Injury attorney Kevin McManus with client and motherOur firm recently resolved a case for a mother and her 15-year-old son for policy limits, which is a good result.  The son suffered injuries when he was struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk near his high school. The crosswalk in front of the school utilized a single, flashing light that is activated by a pedestrian push button. This is a commonly used safety measure at crosswalks to schools in our metro area.  Our client pushed this button, waited for the flashing light, and began to cross the street when he was hit by a car that did not yield.

Investigation, Policies, and Settlement

Through our investigation, we were able to identify a witness who stated that our client entered the crosswalk with the blinking light and that the driver did not slow down.  Our client was thrown into the air by an impact so forceful it removed his shoes. 

Our client's injuries necessitated knee surgery and physical therapy, but fortunately, he was able to make a full medical recovery.  After the insurance company for the at-fault party tendered its policy limit, we also recovered the policy limit from our client’s underinsurance policy.  The total recovery was $150,000, which was put in a structured settlement for the minor to use when he turns 18 years of age.

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