Brain Injury Settlement Values in Kansas City

Brain injuries can have life-altering consequences for the victims of personal injury accidents. Many accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries and other serious head injuries.

Even a minor concussion or brain injury can result in long-term complications and impairments. If you sustain a brain injury in an accident, you need to carefully consider you legal options for compensation before you accept a settlement from an insurance company or other party.

Three Tips for Increasing the Value of a Brain Injury Claim in MO & KS

Insurance companies understand that brain injury cases typically involve substantial damages, including past and future medical bills, loss of income, and what are known as "noneconomic damages" or pain and suffering. For that reason, insurance companies may fight much harder to limit liability for a brain injury claim. Three ways that you can increase the value of your brain injury settlement are:

  • Complete Medical Treatment with Qualified Physicianshow to increase value of kansas city brain injury lawyer.jpg

It is crucial that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a brain injury to minimize the chance of further injury and increase your chance of a full recovery. However, you also want to seek immediate medical treatment to document your injuries for a personal injury claim.

Delays in treatment, failing to follow a medical treatment plan, or failing to complete a treatment plan are all reasons why an insurance company may reduce the value of a claim.

The insurance company may argue that your actions contributed to the severity of your injury; therefore, you are not entitled to full compensation because you contributed to your injuries. Make sure that you complete your medical treatment and follow your doctor’s orders to protect your right to full compensation for all damages after a brain injury.

  • Carefully Document Future Damages

Many brain injury patients require ongoing medical care and personal care. If another party caused your brain injury, you might be entitled to compensation for these future damages. However, you need experienced medical experts who can provide reliable, trusted opinions regarding your long-term care needs. The medical expert should practice in the area of brain injury and have sufficient experience in treating brain injury cases to provide a sound medical diagnosis for your case.

  • Hire an Experienced Kansas City Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury attorney in Kansas City can help you increase the amount of your settlement in several ways. An attorney conducts a thorough investigation into the causes of your brain injury to determine fault and identify all parties who might have liability for your injury. Your attorney works with you to carefully document all damages, including your pain and suffering and future damages. An experienced brain injury lawyer also knows when to retain expert witnesses and where to find competent, trusted experts for your case.

Because an attorney understands the legal requirements to prove fault and liability, you have a better chance of recovering a fair settlement for your brain injury claim than if you try to represent yourself. A small mistake or error could cause your claim to be denied or severely undervalued. 

Do You Need a Kansas City Brain Injury Attorney?

The short answer is, “yes, you should talk to a brain injury attorney.” After an accident involving a brain injury, it is best to discuss your case with an attorney who understands the complexities involved in brain injury cases and who can recommend a course of action that will protect your legal rights and maximize your recovery.


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