Personal Injury Settlement Offers in Missouri & Kansas 

In handling accident cases for those who are injured in Kansas or Missouri, our Kansas City injury attorney is often asked if a settlement offer is fair.  Unfortunately, there is no set formula or calculation to determine the value of any given injury claim.  However, there are several important factors to evaluate to determine what an accident claim may be worth in Kansas City or elsewhere in Kansas or Missouri. 

Before considering these factors, it's worth mentioning that you should not expect to receive a "fair" accident settlement offer from an insurance company, especially if you are not represented by an attorney. The insurance company is not your friend. They are focused on increasing profits and paying as little money as possible for an accident case, whether it's in Kansas or Missouri. Regardless, below are a few factors that should be considered when evaluating a settlement offer, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine how these factors apply to your particular case.

fair settlement offer Kansas City injury lawyerFactors to Evaluate an Injury Settlement Offer

When determining a car accident settlement offer, you need to consider the same factors a jury would be allowed to consider when assigning a value to your case.  These factors include: 

  • total amount of your medical bills (including what was actually paid out of pocket);
  • all health care expenses in the past and future;
  • the nature and extent of any property damage;
  • how long it took you to heal from your injuries;
  • your past and future pain and suffering;
  • any long-term or permanent limitations or scarring you may have; and
  • how clearly the other party was at fault or whether any fault may be attributable to you.

In addition, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to determine how much money was awarded for similar injuries in cases like yours. This is especially helpful when evaluating the potential amounts that may be awarded for damages like pain and suffering.

Another factor that impacts the value of your claim and any potential settlement offer is whether your personal injury attorney is experienced and has prepared your case for trial.  A skilled injury lawyer will know what to do to present your case in the the strongest manner and will be prepared to present it to both a jury and mediator.  For this reason, it is critical that you retain the best Kansas City personal injury lawyer to represent you.

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