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Our client slipped and fell on icy stairs at an apartment complex on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.  She sustained a head injury and suffered from persistent tinnitus and hearing loss after the fall.  The injury caused her to seek treatment at a nearby emergency room and follow up treatment with concussion and hearing specialist.  

While the client did take pictures of the stairs in question, the pictures did not show the presence of ice where she fell. However, we were able to recover messages from her landlord regarding the icy stairs and use weather data to show how long it had been since a snow or freezing ice weather event.

Together with additional evidence, we were able to build a strong case to prove that the landlord had a duty to keep the stairs outside the apartment building from becoming slippery and frozen and that this duty was breached. After much negotiation and consideration of our client's medical bills and future prognosis, we were able to reach a pre-suit settlement that far exceeded our client's expectations and more than covered her actual losses.


Kevin J. McManus
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