Hearing Loss or Tinnitus from an Accident in Missouri or Kansas

A variety of conditions can cause hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). They can also be caused by a head injury from a car accidentslip and fall accident, or other personal injuries. If you suffer from ringing in the ears or hearing loss after an accident, seek immediate medical attention. You should then consider calling our Kansas City accident lawyer at 816-203-0143 for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights regarding an injury claim.

What Causes Hearing Loss or Tinnitus After a Kansas City Accident?

Tinnitus or hearing loss can be a common side effect of a concussion or other closed head, brain injury. A closed head brain injury can occur when the head slams into an object, such as the window, dashboard, or steering wheel during a car accident. It can also occur from a fall or when the head is jerked suddenly, causing the brain to slam into the skull violently.

Tinnitus is a persistent whistling, buzzing, ringing, or other continuous sounds in the ears. It is not always clear how a car accident, fall, or other accident causes tinnitus. It could be caused by damage to nerves in the head and neck that extend into the ears. It could also be caused because of pressure imbalances. 

Another common cause of tinnitus after a car accident is the airbag deploying. When the airbag deploys during a collision, the sound pressure level is between 160 dB and 170 dB. At these levels, the risk of noise-induced hearing loss increases. 

hearing loss tinnitus accident Kansas City MO injury lawyerHearing loss usually occurs in the same ear as the tinnitus. The hearing loss could result from nerve damage or tiny fractures to the ear bones caused by the airbag deploying. The airbag could also cause the eardrum to rupture, resulting in hearing loss.

In addition to ringing in the ears and hearing loss, the person might also develop vertigo. Vertigo is a common medical condition associated with acoustic injuries. 

Insurance companies often downplay hearing loss and tinnitus after a car accident or slip and fall. It can be difficult to prove the victim sustained these injuries because of the accident. Doctors must rely on symptoms to diagnose the condition unless the person sustained a busted eardrum or other apparent physical injuries. Also, symptoms might not appear immediately after the accident, which can also complicate a personal injury claim. 

However, tinnitus can cause anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability, and depression if the ringing in the ears is loud and/or persistent. In some cases, tinnitus and hearing loss can make it difficult to work or perform daily tasks.

What to Do if You Experience Hearing Loss or Tinnitus After a Kansas City Accident? 

Seek immediate medical attention if you begin experiencing hearing loss or symptoms of tinnitus. Even though tinnitus can be challenging to diagnose, you need to have medical records documenting your symptoms. You could also be suffering from a traumatic brain injury or neck injury, and the tinnitus or hearing loss is a symptom of the injury.

There are some treatments that your doctor might prescribe for the tinnitus. If there is a specific injury to your inner or middle ear, the doctor might send you to a specialist for evaluation. In some cases, an audiologist might be consulted in cases involving a serious hearing problem.

Your medical records are one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that you can provide the insurance company to prove that the accident caused your hearing loss or tinnitus. 

Make sure that you tell your doctor about each symptom, every pain, each ache, and all discomfort you experience after the accident. Symptoms could include ringing and other sounds, hearing loss, trouble concentrating, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Report all symptoms, regardless of whether they are minor or significant.

Having the medical records to back up the allegations that the accident caused the tinnitus or hearing loss can help improve your chance of recovering compensation for damages. Damages include medical expenses, loss of income, physical pain, emotional distress, and psychological injuries. If your injury is permanent, you could also be entitled to additional compensation. 

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