Traumatic Brain Injury Checklist

Have You Suffered a Brain Injury?  

Head and brain injuries are sometimes referred to as a "silent epidemic" because they can be difficult to identify after an accident.

A delay in diagnosis can result in a delayed treatment.  If not treated, symptoms of traumatic brain injuries can worsen or become deadly over time.  A delay can also make it difficult to prove the accident and caused the brain injury, and that can hurt the value of your personal injury claim.

For all these reasons, it's critical that you identify the signs and symptoms of a brain injury early and seek prompt medical treatment.  The symptoms are often not obvious: 

  • Your friends and family may notice that something is not "quite right".  
  • You don't need to lose consciousness.  
  • You don't need to experience a blow or impact to the head.  
  • The symptoms may be very subtle.

To spot the signs of a traumatic brain injury, download our TBI checklist right now by filing out the form below. There is no obligation to hire our firm.

Our hope is that this checklist will help you make the best decision possible and get the care you need. 

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