Average Settlements for Slip & Fall Injury in Kansas City 

If you were injured in a slip and fall in Kansas City (or anywhere in Kansas or Missouri), you likely want to know if the settlement offer being presented to you by the insurance company is fair.  Our Kansas City slip and fall attorney is often asked about average settlement values in personal injury accidents, including slip and falls in Kansas and Missouri.  

This question is especially crucial when the injured party is suffering from serious injuries that limit or prevent him or her from working. The stress and uncertainty from the accident, medical bills, and lost wages can be too much to bear.

Unfortunately, there is no simple, easy answer to this question. Every slip and fall case is different, and the settlement value can change based on a number of variables.  To understand the potential settlement value, your attorney will need to know certain facts and circumstances., such as the type of injury, medical treatment, and prognosis as well as the amount of insurance available and whether you share in any proportion of fault.

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As a result, any experienced slip and fall lawyer will tell you it's impossible to know the precise settlement value of a slip and fall claim without a complete investigation and a good understanding of the facts and law governing your particular case.  

Even then, the settlement value of any personal injury case ultimately depends on the amount the insurance company believes a jury may award if your case is tried.  Juries are made up of people with diverse views and can be quite unpredictable.  Therefore, even if you have a solid grasp of the facts, there is always uncertainty when you reject a settlement offer and go to trial. 

How to Determine the Value of a Kansas City Slip and Fall Injury

Below are some key indicators that can influence the settlement value of a slip and fall injury case in Kansas or Missouri:

  • How serious are your injuries?  Are they "soft tissue" or did you break a bone or suffer a spine, head, or other severe injuries?
  • Did you seek prompt medical treatment?  
  • Did you follow the advice of your doctors in your treatment?
  • What was the cost of your past medical treatment?
  • Did you suffer any lost wages due to your slip and fall injury?
  • Are your injuries permanent or will they result in permanent limitations?
  • If so, will you suffer lost earnings or earning capacity in the future due to your injuries?
  • Will you need future medical care?  If so, what is the anticipated cost?
  • Were you somehow at fault in the accident?  If so, how much?
  • Is it clear that the property owner is at fault?
  • How much insurance is there?
  • Where will the case be filed and what are past jury verdicts in similar cases in that jurisdiction?

Talk with Our Experienced Slip & Fall Injury Attorney

Our experienced slip and fall attorney can help you do everything possible to maximize the value of your slip and fall claim, including gathering all evidence that supports your claim. After doing so, our attorney will be able to apply the above factors to your case and provide you with potential range that you may be able to recover.

Once you have an idea of the potential value of your claim, your attorney can recommend a starting point for negotiations and can help you present legal case law and reasoning, factual evidence and supporting documentation that support this value to the insurance company of the at-fault party. This is generally done in the form of a demand package and can be a starting point for negotiations. Alternatively, your attorney may recommend it is best to file suit. 

The potential settlement value of your case is just one way to maximize your recovery. Your slip and fall attorney should also help you identify and negotiate any outstanding medical bill, liens or other claims to your settlement. It is critical to identify any liens or claims for payment early in your case, so there are no surprises when your settlement is finalized.

Our Kansas City Slip & Fall Injury Attorney Is Ready to Help

Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries, and the handling of slip and fall claims is a serious legal matter. With mounting medical bills and other damages, you do not want to make a mistake at the moment when you need help the most.  

If you or a loved one was injured in a slip and fall in Kansas City or anywhere in Kansas or Missouri, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of an  experienced slip and fall injury attorney about your claim. Our Kansas City slip and fall attorney is ready to help with a free, no-obligation consultation. You can contact us online or call today at 816-203-0143. We look forward to being of assistance and offering guidance on how to maximize the recovery in your case.


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