2 Crucial Tips Following a Kansas City Injury Accident

After a car accident or other injury in Kansas or Missouri, there are many steps you should take to protect both your health and legal rights. 

Two of the most obvious but often neglected steps that we see from clients of our Kansas City accident injury law firm are: (1) getting prompt medical treatment for your injuries; and (2) following your doctor's advice and recommended course of treatment.   

1.  Get Prompt Medical Treatment

If you are seriously injured in accident in Kansas or Missouri, you will likely be taken to a hospital by ambulance.  However, after some accidents, victims often believe they suffered only minor injuries and think they can tough it out without medical treatment. They may take pain pills and "wait it out."3.  

Please do not do this.  By delaying treatment, you are taking a big risk with your health and your personal injury case.  Some injuries do not show up immediately but can be very serious.  You may have internal bleeding but not show any external sign of injury.  A delay in treating can lead to serious complication and may even be deadly. 

Medical treatment for car accident in Kansas City Missouri

Your neck or back pain at the accident scene may not feel that intense, but weeks or even months later, you may find out that you have a herniated disc, the pain is unbearable and you require surgery.  The point is this – just because an injury is not immediately evident does not mean it is not serious.

Please get prompt treatment so a medical professional can evaluate, diagnose and treat your injuries properly and without delay. This can literally save your life. 

In addition, the longer you wait to get medical attention, the more difficult it can be to prove your injuries were caused by the accident. This can negatively impact your personal injury claim and right to recover monetary damages for your injuries.

2.  Follow Your Doctor’s Advice and Not Missing Appointments

You will also damage your personal injury claim in Kansas or Missouri if your doctor tells you to go physical therapy three days a week and you only go once a week. The insurance company will assume that you were not really injured because you did not follow your doctor’s recommendations.  This will result in a reduced settlement offer to you.

In addition, if you do not see your physician regularly, the insurance company will argue that you are fully recovered. If you are still having problems, you need to see your doctors and tell them. If your doctor says “follow up as needed,” you need to go back in a few weeks if you are still having pain or other medical issues.  If you do not follow up, the doctor, insurance company, and likely a jury, will assume you have made a full recovery even if you have not.

Our Kansas City Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Help

These are just a two things you must do to protect your rights after an injury accident in Kansas or Missouri.  You should make sure to review our top 10 ways to maximize your injury claim in Kansas and Missouri.  For more information, please download a free copy of my book, Crash Course, which includes the 9 mistakes that can wreck your injury claim. 

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