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Accident claims involving a broken hip or pelvic fracture are among the most serious peresonal injury claims involving broken bones. Injuries to the hip or pelvis can have long-term complications for the victims, including chronic pain, impairments, and disabling conditions. 

Additionally, insurance companies may raise numerous defenses to avoid liability for broken hip and pelvis fracture claims. Companies may allege that the victim’s age, health conditions, and other factors are the actual cause of the injury instead of the accident. 

Because personal injury claims involving pelvic fractures and broken hips have the potential for litigation and high-value damages, it is wise to consult with our personal injury lawyer experienced with hip and pelvis injuries. Our injury attorney in Kansas City, Missouri is ready to speak with you about your legal rights and options for recovering fair compensation for your personal injury claim.  Call us today at 816-203-0143 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Common Causes of Pelvic Fractures & Broken Hips in Missouri & Kansas

A variety of accidents and conditions can contribute to a hip or pelvic fracture. Some common causes of pelvic and hip fractures include:

  • hip fracture broken pelvis injury lawyer missouri kansas.jpgCar crashes, truck wrecks, or motorcycle accidents
  • Falls from a great height
  • Crushing injuries, such as construction site and work-related accidents
  • Accidents involving sports or recreational activities 
  • Slip and fall accidents, especially with nursing home residents, elderly individuals or individuals who have osteoporosis

Several health conditions can be a factor in why a person sustains a broken hip or pelvic fracture. Normal wear and tear as we age and degenerative diseases can increase the risk of a broken pelvis or hip. 

Types of Pelvic Fractures in Missouri & Kansas Accidents

There are several types of pelvic fractures that a person could sustain. Traumatic pelvic fractures are generally unstable and occur because of major trauma, such as a traffic accident or a crushing injury. Less severe pelvic fractures are stable and may occur after a slip and fall accident or because of a degenerative disease. 

Pelvic avulsion fractures are common in some sports or recreational activities, but can also occur because of a motor vehicle accident. The tendon pulls away from the bone, taking a small part of the bone with it. Pelvic stress fractures are also common in sports because of repeated stress to the pelvic bone. 

Symptoms of a Pelvic Fracture or Broken Hip After a Kansas City Accident

The symptoms of a pelvic fracture or broken hip depend on the type of fracture.

In most cases, a pelvic fracture or broken hip caused by a sudden trauma is unstable and requires immediate medical attention. Unstable fractures are likely to cause severe pain that can radiate into the groin, abdomen, back, and legs. The person may go into shock and pass out. 

The person’s blood pressure may drop quickly because of internal bleeding from the injury. Although shock and adrenaline may allow a person to move around immediately after an unstable pelvic or hip injury, most victims are unable to move. 

A stable pelvic fracture is also painful. The pain is usually worse when the person tries to walk. Other symptoms may include swelling and bruising in the pelvic area, numbness, tingling, tenderness, and pain when sitting or trying to have a bowel movement. There could also be bleeding that appears as bruising in the small of the back, over the pelvis, or in the scrotum. Women may experience vaginal bleeding, and both genders could have blood in their urine.

Other symptoms may appear depending on the type of pelvic fracture. Stress fractures and avulsion fractures can be more challenging to diagnose. Individuals may have less severe symptoms such as pain and tenderness, but the symptoms persist and can grow worse. 

Diagnosing and Treating a Pelvic or Hip Fracture in Missouri & Kansas

In many cases, fractures of the pelvis or hip bones cause tenderness, pain, and difficulty moving. Doctors review the symptoms and signs of a pelvic fracture or broken hip and usually order an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan to diagnose the severity of the injury. 

hip fracture generally requires surgery, physical therapy, medication, and other treatments to recover. Depending on the severity of the injury, pins and screws may be inserted to repair the damage. In severe cases, a total or partial hip replacement may be required. 

pelvic fracture may require intensive medical treatment. Severe or multiple fractures could be life-threatening. A pelvic fracture can cause internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, and shock. Therefore, immediate medical attention is required to diagnose the severity of the injury and develop a treatment plan. A surgeon may need to insert pins, screws, and plates to repair the damage.

Settlement Value for Pelvic Fractures & Broken Hips in Missouri & Kansas

Pelvic fractures and broken hips may not be as common as other accident injuries, but they are generally catastrophic injuries when they occur. A victim may require surgery, months of vocational rehabilitation, physical therapy, mental health therapy, and special medical equipment. In many cases, a person who sustains a severe pelvic or hip injury also sustains a permanent impairment or disability.

The victim may face a lifetime of pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Depending on the severity of the injury, the person may not be able to return to work or normal daily activities.

Damages in a pelvic or hip injury claim may include:

  • Past and future loss of income and benefits
  • A decrease in earning potential
  • Past and future medical care and personal care 
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Disabilities and impairments
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Physical pain and suffering

The value of an accident claim involving a pelvic fracture or broken hip could total millions of dollars when you consider lost income throughout the person’s life and a lifetime of pain and suffering. 

Our Kansas City personal injury lawyer works closely with your physicians and medical experts to gather evidence that details the full extent and severity of your injuries. We also work with financial and economic experts to correctly estimate your future financial losses, including loss of income and ongoing treatment and care. 

It is a complicated process, but we know that by investing the time to work with experts and gather evidence, we increase the value of your injury claim. Our goal is to recover the maximum amount possible for your injury claim. 

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