Many insurance companies downplay the injuries that result from a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, slips, trips, and falls can result in severe injuries that cause debilitating conditions. If you sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident, do not let the insurance adjuster pressure you to settle your claim. You only get one chance to get full and fair recovery.

Before you sign a release or other paperwork, you need to understand both the extent of your injuries and the damages you are entitled to recover under Missouri or Kansas law.  An easy way to do this is to get a free case review from a Kansas City slip and fall attorney.  

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Common Injuries from Slip & Fall Accidents in MO & KS

Slip and fall accidents can cause a variety of injuries. The type and severity of your injuries depend on the fall. Common slip and fall injuries that we see at our Kansas City injury law firm include: slip and fall accident report in kansas and missouri

Broken Bones

When you fall in an unexpected way, an unsafe landing can cause any number of broken bones. However, broken bones in the foot and ankle are common in accidents involving tripping over an object and falling forward. Likewise, broken bones in the hands and wrists are common because people try to break their fall by extending their arms.

Falling backward can result in broken vertebrae in the back, as well as broken hips and broken bones in the shoulders. Victims may also sustain broken legs and arms in a fall. Broken bones anywhere in the body, including arms and legs, is possible in a fall.

Head and Brain Injuries

When you fall, there is a chance that you could strike your head on the ground or another object. Blows to the head can cause severe brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from mild concussions to severe TBIs.

However, you do not need to strike your head during the fall to sustain a brain injury. The force of hitting the ground can cause your brain to shift violently within the skull, causing damage at each location where the brain strikes the skull.

Falls might also result in skull fractures and other head injuries, including bleeding within the skull, bruising, and contusions.

Neck Injuries

A fall can cause whiplash and other neck injuries. Other possible neck injuries include fractured cervical bones, pinched nerves, strains, sprains, and herniated discs.

A blow to the brain stem in your neck can cause serious problems with the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and motor functions. Damage to the spinal cord at the base of the neck could result in complete paralysis below the point of the injury. The pain and limited motion from a neck injury can be debilitating.

Back and Spine Injuries

Back injuries and spine injuries are possible in trip and fall accidents and slip and fall accidents. Injuries to the back include torn or ruptured discs, fractured or dislocated vertebrae, compression of the nerves, and damage to the muscles and ligaments.

The spinal column protects the nerves of the spinal cord. When the vertebrae are damaged, the spinal cord can be damaged. Damage to the spinal cord can result in partial or complete paralysis. Depending on the severity of the spinal injury, a person could lose all sensation and ability to move.

Ankle and Knee Sprains

Tripping, slipping, and falling have a high risk of causing ankle and knee sprains. The person often twists their ankle or knee when they trip and lose their balance. The force of the twisting motion can cause severe sprains.

Lacerations and Scarring

Tripping and falling can cause a person to propel forward. When they strike the ground, they can scrape their hands, knees, and elbows. They may also hit their faces on the surface. Gravel, rock, glass, and other objects on the ground can cause lacerations, which lead to scarring. In some cases, the lacerations could be deep, requiring surgery.

Medical Treatment After a Slip and Fall Accident

The treatment for slip and fall injuries depends on the type of injury. Some injuries might heal within a few weeks or months after a fall without significant medical treatment. For example, most cases of whiplash, strains, and sprains heal in a few weeks.

However, fractured spinal bones, broken legs, and traumatic brain injuries take longer to heal. A complex fractured ankle might require surgery to insert a plate, pins, and screws to stabilize the ankle. A severe traumatic brain injury that causes bleeding might require surgery to relieve pressure. Some injuries may require physical therapy to help the person recover.

Your doctor develops a treatment plan that gives you the best chance of recovery. Prompt medical treatment after a slip and fall accident is always in your best interest. Even though you feel fine after a fall, you could have sustained injuries that only a doctor can diagnose.

Delays in medical care not only hurt your chance of recovery, but delays can also hurt your personal injury claim. Insurance companies use delays in seeking medical care to argue that the slip and fall accident did not cause your injury. Having medical records to prove your injuries immediately after the fall is crucial for the success of your personal injury claim.

When Should I Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney in Kansas City?

Slip and fall accident cases are complicated. You must prove that the property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous or hazardous condition and did nothing to correct it or warn you about it.

You must also prove that the condition directly led to your fall and injury. Without evidence proving these two crucial legal requirements of a premises liability claim, you cannot recover compensation for your injuries, economic losses, and other damages.

Investigating a slip and fall accident and gathering evidence can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you are injured. Also, you could be fighting a large corporation and insurance provider or a government entity, depending on where your fall occurred. The other side may have unlimited resources to fight your slip and fall claim.


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