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Our client was a college student who suffered from a rare genetic disorder known as osteogenesis imperfecta (“OI”). OI is a disease characterized by the weakening of bones and is sometimes referred to as “brittle bone disease.” This condition limited our client’s mobility to a powered wheelchair, which he controls.

Our client was visiting an art museum with friends and was attempting to exit the building. As he moved his wheelchair through the doorway, his wheelchair hit an unmarked step that caused his wheelchair to topple over and his body to be thrown to the ground. Our client broke several bones, including his hip and right humerus (upper arm) bone. Due to the complex nature of his disease and injuries, two revision surgeries previously implanted hardware were required.

Our firm engaged an expert to investigate and opine as to the ADA and safety standards of the museum exit. After submission of a demand package, a six-figure settlement was reached. The settlement more than covered our client’s past and future medical bills and will assist him in continuing his education. Our client plans to attend medical school and hopes to someday become a doctor specializing in helping patients who suffer from OI.

Substantial Settlement