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There are various types of commercial truck accidents. Head-on crashes, rollover accidents, and rear-end truck accidents are common. However, jackknife truck accidents also happen frequently in Missouri and Kansas.

Our Kansas City truck accident lawyer understands the devastation these truck accidents can cause for victims and their families. We help truck accident victims recover compensation for their injuries by holding trucking companies and other parties liable for their potential negligence, recklessness, or wrongdoing.

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What Is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

MO & KS Truck Accident LawyerA semi-truck has two sections. The cab of the truck contains the engine and the occupant section. The trailer of the truck contains the cargo.

"Jackknife" describes the position of the cab and the trailer during the accident. The two sections move in opposite directions to form a V-shaped angle to each other, similar to the appearance of a jackknife when it is being closed. It is nearly impossible for a truck driver to control the trailer and get it lined back up with the cab, especially when the trailer is loaded with cargo.

A jackknifed truck can be extremely dangerous. As the truck continues to move down the interstate, the trailer can crush numerous vehicles in its path. A jackknifed truck can also roll over, causing yet another danger for passengers in nearby vehicles.

Common Causes of Jackknife Truck Accidents in Missouri & Kansas

Jackknife accidents in Missouri and Kansas can happen for a variety of reasons. Three common causes of jackknife accidents are:


Excessive speed increases the risk of a jackknife accident. When a truck’s driver travels around a curve at high speed, the trailer could move into a jackknife position as the driver oversteers (spinning out) or understeers (plowing out). Traveling at high speeds also increases the risk of a jackknife truck accident when braking.

Poor Road Conditions

Wet, snowy, and icy roads increase the risk of a jackknife truck crash. When the roads are slick, the truck's tires lose traction making it more likely that the trailer may pull to one side. When this happens, the possibility of a jackknife accident increases.

Defective Brakes or Inadequate Brake Maintenance

Braking in a commercial truck is much different from braking in a passenger vehicle. If the truck comes to a sudden stop, the trailer has the potential to jackknife. Hauling heavy loads and uneven braking can increase the risk of a jackknife accident. Unexpected road hazards or emergencies can cause the truck’s driver to slam on the brakes, resulting in a crash.

A large truck’s brakes are required to be in top condition at all times. Improper maintenance can increase the risk of a truck accident. Defective brakes can also create a dangerous situation in which the truck driver cannot control the truck's speed or control its deceleration.

Proving Fault After a Jackknife Accident in Missouri & Kansas

In many cases, human error plays a role in the cause of the truck accident. For example, the truck driver may have been traveling too fast or used the brakes incorrectly. In other cases, the driver could have been drowsy, drunk, or distracted.

The trucking company may also be at fault if it did not adequately maintain the truck’s maintenance and its brake system. Overloaded trucks may also result in a jackknife accident, making the shipper or the loading company partially to blame.

Identifying all parties at fault in a jackknife truck accident is crucial. The parties who contributed to the cause of the truck wreck can be held liable for damages including:

A truck accident can result in catastrophic injuries or permanent disabilities. Our Kansas City truck accident lawyer understands how to investigate and evaluate your claim so you can recover the maximum value of damages. The insurance company will not tell you how much your case is actually worth. You need our truck accident lawyer to help you understand the full value of your claim and understanding how the system works.

What to Do After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Missouri & Kansas

Many truck accident victims are not able to accurately document the accident scene by taking pictures or making a video with their cell phones. They’re also not able to ask eyewitnesses for their names and contact information. This may be due to confusion at the scene or most importantly, they sustained traumatic injuries that might prevent them from moving or resulted in a loss of consciousness.

Common injuries caused by a semi-truck accident include:

Also, truck accident scenes can be very dangerous. There may be explosions and fires. Debris from the vehicles could make moving around difficult and dangerous. As a result, you may not be able to do anything at the accident scene except wait for help.

Medical treatment is essential after a truck accident. Make sure to follow your doctor's treatment plan and keep all follow-up appointments. The at-fault parties will use any delay in medical treatment or failure to seek medical care as a reason to undervalue your damages.

As soon as possible, contact our Kansas City truck accident lawyer. Truck accident cases are some of the most complicated motor vehicle accident cases to investigate. Federal agencies, insurance companies, and private accident investigators may be involved in the accident investigation. Critical evidence can be lost or destroyed if steps are not taken quickly to demand the trucking company preserve the information.

Our truck accident lawyer understands the steps to take to gather evidence that proves fault and liability. So while you focus on healing, your lawyer focuses on obtaining the evidence necessary to get you the money you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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Victims of jackknife truck accidents deserve to be compensated for their pain, suffering, and financial losses. They were innocent victims of an accident caused by negligent parties. Our legal team vigorously fights for the rights of accident victims for fair settlement agreements. If the other parties refuse to negotiate in good faith, we aggressively pursue the claim in court.

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