Physical Therapy for Car Accidents in Missouri & Kansas

A car accident in Kansas or Missouri can result in numerous injuries. You may have a back or neck injury that results in chronic pain and limited range of motion. Broken bones are also very common accident injuries. Soft tissue injuries can also cause long-term pain and other symptoms that interfere with work and daily life.

Your physician may prescribe several treatments for accident injuries, including physical therapy. Physical therapy can help accident victims recover from a variety of injuries. 

What Injuries May Require Physical Therapy After a Kansas City Car Accident

car accident victim in Missouri or Kansas might benefit from physical therapy after numerous injuries including, but not limited to:

There could be other injuries that might prompt a referral to a physical therapist. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Kansas City Car Accident

There are many benefits of receiving physical therapy after a car crash. some benefits include:

Adjusting to a Permanent Impairment 

A physical therapist assists individuals in relearning skills necessary to care for themselves, such as bathing and dressing when they sustain a permanent impairment. A physical therapist also assists patients in learning how to adapt the way they perform specific tasks given their new physical limitations. 

Restoring Range of Motion and Mobility 

Many car accident injuries can reduce mobility and range of motion. Whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and orthopedic injuries can impact balance and flexibility, limiting mobility and range of motion. If these injuries are not treated properly, you could have permanent impairments. There could also be risks of over-exerting or re-injuring the area without treatment.

Non-Invasive Treatment for Injuries

In some cases, physical therapy is used as an alternative to more invasive forms of treatment. Physical therapy could help you avoid surgery or additional surgery for some accident injuries.

Avoid Side Effects and Other Risks

As with any medical treatment, there could be risks associated with some forms of physical therapy. Most forms of physical therapy have few side effects, unlike many medications and surgical procedures. Physical therapy may be a cost-effective, low-risk treatment option after a car wreck. 

Types of Physical Therapy for Car Accident Injuries in Missouri & Kansas 

Physical therapy employs a variety of methods and tools to help you heal after an accident injury. You may receive massage therapy or electric stimulation to promote the healing process. Physical therapists also use assisted and unassisted exercises to build endurance and re-train muscles. 

Hydrotherapy is another form of physical therapy that might be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Physical therapists may also recommend RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) as part of the physical therapy treatment plan. 

Why Not Finishing Physical Therapy Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

As with other forms of medical treatment after a car accident, you need to complete your physical therapy treatment. If you do not follow through with your physician’s treatment plan, an insurance company could use your failure to accept treatment against you in a personal injury case.

The insurance company might allege that your injuries are not as severe as you claim. If you were suffering, you would not have stopped going to therapy. An insurance company may argue that you made your injuries worse by not accepting treatment. 

If you have followed through with your physical therapy treatment plan and still experience problems with pain, mobility, or flexibility, discuss this matter with your physical therapist and your physician. You may have reached maximum medical improvement, yet you have a permanent impairment. 

If this is the case, you may be able to stop treatment if there is nothing more the doctors can do to improve your condition. Permanent impairments are included in personal injury claims. You may be entitled to compensation for the injury and further damages, including future medical treatment, personal care, and decreases in earning potential.

Who Pays for My Physical Therapy Costs After a Kansas City Accident?

If another party is responsible for the cause of the car accident, that party can be held financially liable for damages. Damages include the cost of medical care and treatment, including physical therapy. When our Kansas City personal injury lawyers calculate the value of your claim, we include all costs related to your physical therapy and treatment. 

Contact Our Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney for Help with Your Accident Claim 

Attending physical therapy sessions can help speed up your recovery time and help you recover better. It also helps document the extent of your injuries and shows that you are serious about your recovery. Establishing a pattern of care after a car accident can increase the chance of recovering fair compensation for injuries and damages.

Contacting our Kansas City personal injury lawyer can also help you recover fair compensation. Hiring our lawyer lets the insurance company know that you are serious about pursuing a claim. Our attorney protects you from bad faith insurance tactics and aggressive insurance adjusters. Hiring our car accident lawyer allows you to focus on your recovery while our attorney aggressively pursues a legal claim against the party who caused the automobile accident.


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