Buying Car Insurance in Missouri & Kansas

All too often, we have reviewed our clients' insurance policies and found coverage less than what they thought they purchased. You do not want to find out that the insurance protection you thought you had is not there when you need it most.


In this book, our attorney answers the most critical questions about buying car insurance, including:

  • Why is the minimum car insurance required by law not enough?
  • How to protect yourself and your family if the other driver has little or no insurance?
  • What must you ask your agent to get uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage protection, and how do you know if you are covered?
  • If you are injured in an accident, can your health insurance company take all the money?
  • What is your insurance agent not telling you about the most important coverage and why?

We will send you an absolutely free electronic copy by filling out the form below. There is no obligation to hire our firm. We want to give you this book so you can make sure all Kansas and Missouri residents are protected in an accident.

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Kevin J. McManus
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Kevin McManus is an accident injury and disability lawyer in Kansas City, MO, and Overland Park, KS