Buying Car Insurance in Missouri & Kansas

Time and time again, we have reviewed a client’s insurance policy and found coverage that is less than what the client believed was purchased long ago. When an accident happens, you do not want to find out that the insurance protection you thought you had is not there when you need it most.

In this free book, personal injury attorney Kevin McManus answers the most critical questions on how to buy car insurance, including:

  • What car insurance is required by law in Missouri and Kansas, and why is it not enough?
  • How to protect yourself and your family if the other driver has little or no insurance?
  • What must you ask your agent to get this protection, and how do you know if you are covered?
  • If you are injured in an accident, can your health insurance company take all the money?
  • What your insurance agent may not be telling you about the most important coverage and why?

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