Permanent Injuries from Car Accidents in Missouri & Kansas

From law firm's experience in handling car accident claims throughout Missouri and Kansas, we know car accidents result in a variety of injuries. Some people are able to walk away from a car crash with minor injuries. Others may sustain catastrophic injuries, which can result in permanent impairments and disabilities.

Personal injury claims involving permanent disabilities and impairments are different from other injury claims. For example, the cost of medical care increases when an accident victim sustains a catastrophic injury. Also, the loss of income and non-economic damages generally increase. One of the most significant differences in handling these types of car accident cases is the value of future damages because of the impairment or disability.

Types of Permanent Injuries & Disabilities from Kansas City Car Accidents

Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. They also include injuries that involve surgery or months of physical therapy or other types of therapy to recover from injuries. Injuries that require in-home health care or long-term care in a medical or rehabilitation facility can also qualify as catastrophic injuries.

Examples of injuries that can result in impairments and disabling conditions include:

Many traumatic or catastrophic injuries result in permanent impairments of disabilities. The disability or impairment may be partial or complete. In some cases, a person might receive an impairment rating below 100 percent because the injury impairs the person’s ability to work or perform activities, but it does not disable the person altogether.

Quality Medical Care is Critical in Car Accidents with Permanent Injuries

Most car accident victims who sustain catastrophic or traumatic injuries are transported directly to the hospital from the accident scene. However, some victims could feel “fine” immediately after the accident, but develop symptoms of a severe injury in the hours or days following the accident.

Medical treatment for car accident injuries is necessary to protect your health and wellbeing. Failure to treat injuries could result in life-threatening conditions. Lack of medical care can also reduce your chance of a successful recovery.

However, improper or inadequate medical care can also hurt your personal injury case. The insurance company uses a lack of medical care as an excuse to deny or undervalue your injury claim. If you fail to follow your doctor’s treatment plan, such as failing to participate in physical therapy, that action could hurt your chance of recovering maximum compensation for your damages.

It's critical that you seek immediate medical treatment after a car accident and follow your doctor’s treatment plan. It is also essential that you work with your Kansas City car accident lawyer to obtain a detailed prognosis after your doctor releases you from medical care.

Your prognosis should include information about permanent impairments and disabilities. It also includes a description of the ongoing medical care, surgeries, and personal care that you are expected to need because of the impairment or disability. Medical experts are often the best sources for a prognosis in a car accident case. Your lawyer can help you locate a medical expert for your case.

Recovering Future Damages for Permanent Injuries Under Missouri & Kansas Law

Once you have a prognosis, your lawyer works with medical experts and financial experts to calculate the value of future damages. Future damages might include:

  • Cost of ongoing medical treatment, including future surgeries
  • Cost of long-term personal care, including in-home care
  • Cost of ongoing physical, occupational, mental health, and other therapies
  • The loss of future income and benefits, including reduced earning capacity
  • Future pain and suffering damages

If you were not at-fault for the cause of the car accident, you should be able to include future damages in your personal injury claim. However, you must prove that the other driver caused the crash before you can recover any money for your claim.

Do I Need a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer?

In cases involving permanent impairments and disabilities, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Kansas City car accident lawyer. Cases involving disabilities and impairments are complex. Insurance companies often fight very hard to avoid liability in these cases because damages are very high. They use their vast resources to prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you the resources you need to fight for fair compensation. You have an attorney and a legal team to investigate the accident, gather evidence, document damages, and fight for the maximum value of your claim.

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