Tips After Motorcycle Accidents in Kansas & Missouri

Motorcycle accidents in Kansas and Missouri can have numerous consequences for the rider. In addition to the property damage caused by the collision, the motorcyclist may suffer severe injuries. Those injuries could result in significant medical bills, lost wages, nursing care, and personal care.

In addition to financial losses, the rider may experience intense physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional distress. The rider may struggle to perform daily activities of living. They may be unable to work.

You could be entitled to compensation for your damages if you sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident in Kansas or Missouri. The Kansas City motorcycle accident attorneys of the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus work with riders to help them recover the money they deserve after a motorcycle crash.

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Avoid These Seven Mistakes After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Missouri or KansasThe steps that you take after a motorcycle crash can impact the outcome of your personal injury claim. We want to help you recover the maximum value for your motorcycle accident claim. Therefore, let's discuss some of the common mistakes many riders make after a motorcycle accident.

1.  Admitting Fault for the Motorcycle Crash

You cannot recover full compensation for your damages if you admit fault for the cause of the motorcycle accident. If you are partially to blame for causing the crash, your compensation could be reduced, or you might not receive any compensation for your damages.

Therefore, do not apologize for the accident. Do not say you are sorry or you hate that the crash occurred. A defense lawyer could twist a simple comment expressing sadness about the accident to argue an admission of fault.

Instead, don't discuss the motorcycle crash with anyone at the scene except the police officer. Answer the questions and give the facts as you recall without admitting fault.

2.  Refusing Medical Care

Many of us are programmed to say we are "fine" or "okay" when someone asks us if we are okay. It is in your best interest to be checked by medical professionals after the motorcycle accident. The shock of the crash could mask some injury symptoms.

Instead of refusing medical care or saying that you do not think you are injured, tell the police officer you intend to go to your family doctor if you do not want to go directly to the emergency room.

Always follow up with your doctor and follow your treatment plan. Delays in medical care and lack of medical care are defenses used against motorcyclists to deny insurance claims and decrease the value of damages.

3.  Failing to Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Many motorcyclists fail to consult with our accident lawyer. They may believe their claim is insufficient to hire our lawyer, or the claims adjuster may tell them they do not need our lawyer.

The insurance company prefers that you don't talk to our injury lawyer. However, our injury lawyer benefits you by:

  • Investigating the crash to identify who is at fault
  • Gathering and preserving evidence
  • Consulting and retaining accident reconstructionists and expert witnesses
  • Protect you from unfounded allegations of comparative fault
  • Documenting your damages to ensure all damages are included in your claim
  • Calculating the correct value of your damages (insurance companies undervalue damages)
  • Monitoring deadlines for filing claims and lawsuits

Our attorney also helps you avoid the mistakes we discuss in this article and other mistakes that could reduce your chance of recovering a fair settlement amount.

4.  Submitting a Written or Recorded Statement

The insurance company generally asks the rider for a written or recorded statement. Do not agree to provide a statement before you talk with a personal injury lawyer.

Claims adjusters are highly-trained and skilled investigators. They ask questions intended to obtain a specific response. The insurance company uses your responses to allege that you were partially to blame for the cause of the crash or that a previous injury or health condition is to blame for your current condition.

Do not fall for this common insurance tactic. Remember, many companies record telephone calls, even if they do not notify you the call is recorded. So, be careful when talking to the insurance company by telephone.

5.  Accepting the First Settlement Offer

The insurance company might make you a quick settlement offer, especially if you were out of work for a few weeks and have medical bills to pay. The company knows that you need money now, so it uses your financial circumstances against you.

The company wants to settle your case before you talk with a lawyer or understand the full extent of your damages. The first offer from the insurance company is generally must less than your claim is worth. You have the right to negotiate for a higher amount with our injury attorney.

6.  Settling a Claim Before Completing Medical Treatment

Until you complete medical treatment, you cannot know whether you sustained a permanent impairment or disability. Impairments and disabilities increase the value of an injury claim. You are entitled to compensation for the disability or impairment and future medical care, personal care, and lost income.

When you sign a settlement agreement, you release the insurance company and all other parties from further liability. In other words, even if you have additional medical bills, discover another injury, or sustain a permanent impairment, you cannot demand more money for your claim. You are bound by the terms of the settlement agreement.

7.  Rushing to Repair Their Motorcycle

Most riders want to repair their motorcycle as soon as possible. However, the physical damage to the motorcycle could help prove fault for the cause of the motorcycle accident.

Before you repair your motorcycle, talk with our motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City. Our attorney may want to document the damage to the motorcycle or have an expert inspect the motorcycle before you make repairs.

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