Truck accidents on I-435 are responsible for causing life-changing injuries. Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain damage can result in paralysis. Being crushed in a vehicle or ejected from a car could result in amputations. Some families experience the worst loss when a truck accident kills their loved ones.

Semi-trucks race down the interstate, exceeding safe speed limits. Truck drivers take risks and drive recklessly as they try to meet their deadlines. For everyone else on the road, these actions increase the risk of being in a truck accident.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our legal team understands the dangers of sharing the road with large trucks. We know the devastation truck accidents on I-435 cause for individuals and families.

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What Should You Do After a Truck Accident on I-435?

Truck Accident Attorney I-435 in MO & KSThe aftermath of a truck accident is chaotic. There could be multiple vehicles involved in the collision. The accident scene may be dangerous.

If possible, move to a safe location and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims cannot take photographs, make a video, or ask eyewitnesses for their names and contact information. Their injuries are too severe to allow them to do these things.

If you can safely document the accident scene, it could help us in the investigation. However, never put yourself or others in danger or at risk of injury. Instead, focus on these five things after a truck accident on I-435:

1.  Medical Treatment

Follow your doctor’s treatment plan. If you sustained severe injuries, consider seeking medical treatment from a specialist.

Medical care after a truck accident is crucial for your personal injury case. If you do not follow your treatment plan, the insurance company will allege you failed to mitigate damages. In other words, you made your injuries worse by failing to receive treatment.

Furthermore, you need detailed medical evidence to prove the extent of your injuries. If you sustained a permanent impairment, we need documentation to seek compensation for future damages.

2.  Documenting Damages

Keep track of all expenses, payments, and financial losses associated with the truck accident. Keep a notebook or ledger to record the date, amount, and reason for each financial loss. Put receipts, invoices, and bills in an envelope to give to your lawyer.

3.  Don’t Provide Statements

A claims adjuster or other representative from the trucking company or the insurance provider may contact you soon after the truck accent. Do not agree to a written or recorded statement without consulting a lawyer.

Adjusters and investigators are trained to ask leading questions. A defense lawyer could twist your responses to make you appear partially at fault for the cause of the truck accident.

4.  Don’t Sign Documents

You may be asked to sign waivers or releases of your medical records. Do not sign these documents without checking with an attorney. You could mistakenly give the insurance company access to your entire medical history or release the trucking company from liability for your claim.

5.  Contact Our Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

Trucking accident cases are complex personal injury matters. In most cases, multiple parties are involved in the case and could be liable for damages. Furthermore, the accident investigation could take many months. We may retain accident reconstructionists and investigators to assist in gathering evidence.

The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can gather and preserve evidence proving fault and liability. We can also protect you from insurance tactics designed to undervalue or deny your injury claim.

Our legal team understands how insurance companies and trucking companies handle accident claims. We know how to deal with unfair and bad faith insurance tactics.

Tips to Avoid a Truck Accident on Interstate 435

If you travel on I-435, you will likely encounter numerous commercial trucks. Tips for avoiding truck accidents include:

  • Stay out of a truck’s blind spots
  • Pass on the left side of the truck whenever possible (the blind spot is shorter)
  • When cutting in front of a truck, allow extra distance and do not slow down or slam on the brakes
  • Never try to pass a truck when it is turning
  • Allow extra distance when following a commercial truck

A good rule of thumb to remember – if you cannot see the side mirrors when following a truck, the truck driver cannot see your vehicle. You can find more tips on the FMCSA website.

Contact Our Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney After a I-435 Crash

Dealing directly with the insurance company after a truck accident is not in your best interest. Instead, let our experienced legal team handle your injury claim while you focus on your recovery.


If you or a loved one were injured in an accident on I-435 in Missouri or Kansas, call 816-203-0143 now for your free consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Kansas City. We want to help you hold the parties who caused your pain and suffering financially liable for your damages.


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