Commercial trucks are involved in horrific interstate accidents. Semi-trucks speed along I-70 in Missouri as the truck drivers rush to meet unrealistic deadlines. Some truck drivers ignore speed limits, drive aggressively, and take unnecessary risks on their way to their destination.

Sadly, the result is often death or permanent disability for innocent accident victims. Occupants of the other vehicle often suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, and other catastrophic injuries. Some injuries may lead to paralysis, amputation, or loss of bodily functions.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, we understand the devastation caused by an I-70 truck crash in Missouri. We represent individuals and families who have suffered significant losses because of careless truck drivers and trucking companies.

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What to Do After a Collision with a Commercial Truck on the Interstate

Truck Accident Attorney in MissouriThe moments after a truck crash may pass by in a blur. Accident victims who sustain severe injuries may be unconscious or unable to call for help. Therefore, the victim may not be able to take the usual steps after a car accident, such as:

  • Calling 911 and speaking to the police at the accident scene
  • Taking photographs and making videos of the accident scene
  • Gather information from eyewitnesses and bystanders
  • Making notes about what people said or did after the accident

Five Things to Do After Being Transported to the Hospital

If you can take the above steps after a truck accident, it could benefit your case. However, you may have been transported directly to the hospital for treatment. If so, it is essential that you know these five things so that you can protect your legal rights after a commercial truck accident:

1.  Continue Medical Care

Prompt and continued medical care is crucial in a truck accident case. Delays in receiving medical care or failing to follow your doctor’s treatment plan could result in less money for your claim.

If you sustained severe injuries, ask your physician about a referral to a specialist. A specialist can accurately diagnose any permanent impairments or disabilities caused by the truck crash. Permanent impairments are a significant factor in the value of a personal injury claim.

2.  Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company or Trucking Company

The trucking company or its insurance company may contact you for a statement. Some claims adjusters have been known to contact accident victims while they are in the hospital. Do not provide a written or recorded statement without consulting our Kansas City personal injury attorney.

Claims adjusters are “fishing” for information the insurance company can use to hurt your case. A defense attorney can twist your statements to make you appear to be at fault for the cause of the truck crash.

3.  Don’t Release Your Medical Records

The insurance company might ask you to sign a medical records release to verify your injuries to pay your claim. Do not fall for this common insurance tactic. The company may try to access your medical history to search for pre-existing conditions or prior accidents or injuries.

Insurance companies use pre-existing health conditions or injuries to argue that the truck accident did not cause your current injury. Our legal team will provide the insurance company with the information it needs when you complete medical treatment, and we are ready to negotiate a settlement.

4.  Document Your Damages

You can only recover compensation for damages that you can prove. Our legal team works closely with you to document damages. Ways that you can help us ensure that we seek the maximum recovery amount include:

  • Keep copies of all medical bills
  • Retain receipts for over-the-counter medications and medical supplies
  • Document payment for someone to assist with household chores
  • Take photographs of your injuries as you recover
  • Keep copies of bills and receipts for personal care and nursing care

It can also be helpful to keep a journal detailing your pain and suffering throughout recovery. You should record activities that you cannot perform, your pain levels, how your injuries impact your relationships, and any struggles with depression, anxiety, or other emotional distress.

5.  Contact Our Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney After a Truck Accident on I-17 on Missouri

If you were injured in a crash in Missouri on I-70, please contact our law firm to discuss your case with our truck accident lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri. Truck accident cases involve numerous issues that are not involved in a typical car accident claim.

Our legal team takes immediate steps to preserve evidence, such as notifying the trucking company to preserve the black box data, driver’s logs, maintenance records, and other information. The quicker we begin to investigate the truck accident, the better chance we have of obtaining evidence that proves your case.


Call Our Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer After a Crash on I-70

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