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Being told by your physician that you cannot work is overwhelming. In addition to dealing with a disabling condition, you also must deal with the financial crisis caused by your disability.  A wrongful denial by an insurance company like Lincoln Financial Group can be too much to bear. If you cannot work or get disability benefits, how will you pay your bills?

Many employers provide long-term disability insurance for their employees. Other employers offer long term disability insurance to employees at a reduced rate. In either case, federal ERISA laws (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) govern most long term disability policies offered through an employer. 

ERISA laws favor employers and insurance providers. Therefore, there is a good chance Lincoln Financial Group will deny your long-term insurance claim to try to avoid paying you the disability payments you deserve.

Our ERISA disability lawyer in Kansas City will help you with your disability denial appeal. Call us at 816-203-0143 to talk with our disability lawyer today.

Get Help from a Lincoln Financial Disability Denial Attorney

Appealing a denial of a Lincoln Financial disability claim can be complicated.Appealing a denial of a Lincoln Financial disability claim can be complicated. The special laws governing these policies create unfair advantages for insurance companies.

Lincoln Financial prefers that you try to fight the disability denial without a disability lawyer. It knows that you are not as familiar as it is with your legal rights and the laws related to appealing a long-term disability claim. 

Learn about your legal rights and your options for appealing a denial of a claim from an experienced Lincoln Financial disability denial attorney. Call our office at 816-203-0143 to discuss your claim.

How Can We Help You With Your Disability Appeal?

Our Lincoln Financial disability denial lawyer in Kansas City offers a variety of services that can help you as you begin the process of appealing the denial of your long-term disability claim.  Some things you may want to consider include:

1.  We Review Your Denial Letter Free of Charge

Our Lincoln Financial denial disability attorneys will review your denial letter free of charge. There are tight deadlines, so contact our office today, we can help you fight back for your disability benefits. 

There is no obligation to hire our firm. We review the denial letter and give you a free strategy for getting the benefits you deserve. If you retain our law firm, we handle the appeal and fight to get your long-term disability benefits with Lincoln Financial reinstated.

2.  Request Our Free Disability Guide

Our Lincoln Financial disability denial attorney has written a book about long-term disability claims. Request your free copy of, Danger: Proceed at Your Own Risk today to learn more about:

  • Why ERISA laws favor insurance providers.Long-Term Disability Guide and information
  • Myths and truths about long-term disability claims.
  • Things that you must do if you receive a denial letter from Lincoln Financial.
  • The steps to take to win your Lincoln Financial appeal.
  • The most important thing you need to do to get your long-term disability benefits started or restored.

You can also access our free library of articles and FAQs about long-term disability claims. 

3.  Call 816-203-0143 to talk to our Lincoln Financial disability attorney. 

Our LTD lawyer will help you fight Lincoln Financial for the disability benefits you deserve. We represent clients throughout the country who have been unfairly denied the LTD benefits they deserve. Let us help you get the money you need after sustaining a disability that prevents you from returning to work.

Time is not on your side! There are very strict and short deadlines for appealing Lincoln Financial disability claim denials. Do not wait to talk with a lawyer. You could lose your right to pursue legal action against Lincoln Financial for illegally denying a valid disability claim. 

Why Did Lincoln Financial Deny Your Disability Claim?

Even though insurance companies claim that they will be there for you when you need them, they are not interested in paying claims. Insurance companies like Lincoln Financial are in business to make money. Paying long-term disability claims goes against their best interests because it hurts their profit margin.

Therefore, they train their claims adjusters to search for ways to deny long-term disability claims. In some cases, the insurance company is merely trying to drag out the claim in the hope that you give up, or you miss a deadline that gives them a valid reason for denying your LTD claim.

Some common reasons that an insurance company may give for denying a long-term disability claim include, but are not limited to:

  • The insurance policy does not cover the disability.
  • You did not provide sufficient medical evidence of a disabling condition.
  • You can perform some skills that would enable you to get another job, according to a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) report or Transitional Skills Analysis (TSA).
  • The doctors hired by the insurance company to review your case and perform an independent medical examination conclude that your treating physicians are incorrect.
  • You missed the required deadlines or did not provide the required claim forms.

Our Lincoln Financial disability denial attorneys are familiar with all the tactics used by insurance companies to deny valid long-term disability claims. We have extensive experience dealing with long-term disability claims and have learned how insurance companies operate. 

Call our office today at 816-203-0143 to discuss how we can help you appeal a Lincoln Financial denial to get you the disability benefits that you should be receiving. 

How to File A Long-Term Disability Appeal with Lincoln Financial

ERISA disability claims are different from other disability claims. There are different procedures and short deadlines related to appeals of ERISA LTD claims. In most cases, you have just 180 days from the receipt of the denial letter from Lincoln Financial to file an administrative claim. 

You must file an administrative claim with Lincoln Financial before you can file a lawsuit. Lincoln Financial has 45 days to issue a decision regarding your long-term disability appeal. If it denies your appeal, you can then proceed with a lawsuit against Lincoln Financial. 

You want to ensure that you include all medical records, letters from your physicians, and letters from witnesses with your administrative claim that you would want a judge to review. You cannot add any other information or evidence in a lawsuit that was not included in the administrative claim. For that reason, we encourage you to speak with a Kansas City Lincoln Financial disability denial lawyer before filing an administrative appeal.

Do I Need a Long-Term Disability Attorney To File An Appeal?

ERISA laws favor the insurance company, and many judges give Lincoln Financial the benefit of the doubt in a long-term disability lawsuit. The lawyers representing Lincoln Financial have experienced ERISA lawyers. They understand the laws and how to use those laws to benefit Lincoln Financial.

You need a Kansas City ERISA-disability lawyer to even the playing field. You want an attorney who has extensive knowledge, resources, skills, and training to handle an ERISA disability appeal.

Our Kansas City disability lawyers have developed significant knowledge of these types of cases through years of representing disabled workers in disability appeals. We use the facts of your case to build the strongest possible appeal to get you the LTD benefits that you are entitled to receive by law.

Contact Our Lincoln Financial Disability Denial Lawyer

Lincoln Financial may not believe that you are disabled, or it may just want to save money by denying your claim.  Regardless of what Lincoln Financial believes or desires, if you cannot work because of a disability, you deserve to receive the long-term disability benefits provided in your LTD insurance policy.

Call the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus at 816-203-0143 to learn more about long-term disability appeals. We will review your denial letter free of charge and develop a strategy for handling the denial of your LTD claim and reinstating your benefits.


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