Average Settlement Values for a Kansas City Car Accident

As a Kansas City car accident lawyer, one of the most common questions I hear is: "What's the value of my car accident claim?" This question arises whether the car accident occurred in Missouri or in Kansas, whether it involved another car, or a truck, bike or even a pedestrian.

whats value settlement car accident kansas city lawyer.You may be searching online to looking for average car accident settlement values.  Or, you may be looking a magic formula or a settlement calculator to determine the value of your car accident case. Unfortunately, the secret formula to determine the value of your case is this:  there is none.  

Every car accident is different, and every injury claim is unique.  There are so many potential variables that can influence the value of a case, including different factual circumstances and legal factors.  These variables all play off of each other.  Some increase value, while others may completely eliminate it.  So, there is really no short, simple formula that can be used reliably to put a value on every injury case.  

What You Must Know to Estimate the Value of a Car Accident Case

Does this mean you shouldn't try to get some idea of what your case is worth? Of course not! 

To get a rough estimate of your case value, you will need to have a solid grasp as the following:

All these factors are important to understand on their own, especially the issue of fault. If you somehow contributed to causing the accident or even if the other driver lies and says you caused it, your right to recovery may be reduced or entirely eliminated depending on how much comparative fault will be placed on you by the insurance company. 

In addition, you must make to identify all applicable insurance policies.  In some cases, several insurance policies can apply, and if you miss one, this can have a big impact on the settlement value of your claim.

Key Factors to a Car Accident Settlement Value

After you understand the above items, you should then consider the following additional factors to determine what your Kansas City car accident claim is worth:

  1. Your past and future medical expenses. This includes ambulance costs, hospitalization, surgery, diagnostic tests, physical therapy or rehabilitation, pain medications, and home care.
  2. Your past and future lost wages or earnings capacity. This includes any lost bonuses, commissions or other financial impacts caused by the car accident.
  3. Your past and future pain and suffering. Unlike the prior two factors, pain and suffering cannot be calculated with some objective measurement. There many things to consider, but the calculation will always have an element of subjectivity. An experienced accident attorney can help you identify a potential range for which pain and suffering compensation may be available.
  4. Permanent limitations, scarring or physical impairments that you may have suffered.

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Getting injured in an accident can turn your life upside down. You are suddenly thrust into a world of complex medical and legal issues. An attorney is not necessary for every car accident case, and you can try to settle your car accident case on your own.  However, if you suffered serious injuries or have mounting medical bills, we don't recommend it.  You need the experience and skill of a car accident attorney who can help guide you through the legal process and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

An experienced car accident lawyer will help you investigate the accident fully, gather all the important evidence, and understand the insurance policies and laws that may apply to your particular case.  Once this is complete, he or she will be able to provide a range of potential case values based settlement values and jury verdicts in the area where the accident occurred.  The best car accident lawyers will also make sure you do everything possible to maximize the value of your injury claim.

Whether or not you contact our law firm, please take action today by downloading a free copy of our attorneys' book, Crash Course, which contains important information to maximize the value of your claim and can help ensure that you take the proper steps to protect your legal rights. 

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