Average Settlement Values for Pedestrian Accidents in Kansas City 

Our Kansas City pedestrian accident attorney often gets asked question what the average settlement value is for a pedestrian injury claim in Kansas or Missouri. The question of settlement value in pedestrian accidents can be particularly important when a pedestrian is severely injured and facing life-altering impairments, mounting medical bills and lost wages.  

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Whether it's a pedestrian vs. car or other type of motor vehicle accident, injury victims often want to know the approximate amount of a fair settlement. Of course, every case is different, and there are so many variables that can impact settlement value.  

What is fair will depend on a number of fact-specific circumstances surrounding your claim, such as the severity of the injuries, the amount of lost wages or lost earning capacity, the amount of insurance available, and whether comparative faults of the parties is at play.  

It's impossible to assign a settlement figure to your claim without a full investigation and review of these factors and a solid understanding of the facts of your particular case.  Even then, the settlement value will ultimately depend on what the insurance company believes a jury may do in your case should it proceeds to trial.  

Juries are by their very nature unpredictable.  Even if you know all the facts, there is always some uncertainty and risk associated with rejecting the top settlement offer and proceeding to trial. 

How to Determine the Value of a Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Claim

That being said, below are some key factors that in our experience influence the settlement amount in a car-pedestrian accident claim:

  1. The timing, nature and scope of your medical treatment.
  2. The cost of such past medical treatment and the reasonableness of such charges.
  3. The severity of your injuries.
  4. The value of any lost wages due to the accident.
  5. The probability of lost earning capacity in the future due to the injuries you sustained.
  6. Your ability to recover from the accident injuries and whether such injuries may be permanent, progressive or persistent in nature.
  7. The nature, scope and cost of necessary future medical treatment and the certainty by which your treating physicians can opine that such treatment will be necessary in the future.
  8. Whether you shared in any proportion of fault in the accident.
  9. Whether you suffered the ability to perform basic activities of daily living or other activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident.
  10. The amount of insurance available.
  11. The jurisdiction where the case would need to be filed and past jury verdicts in similar cases.

Consult with Our Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Our experienced pedestrian injury attorney can help you evaluate these factors and understand how they apply in your particular case. After gathering and reviewing all relevant evidence, documentation and materials, our attorney will be able to give you a general range that you should seek in a settlement.

Once our attorney understands the approximate value of your claim, we can advise you as to a starting point for negotiations and how to present that value to the insurance company of the at-fault party in a demand package that includes all the supporting documentation that is needed to maximize your claim value. 

Of course, the value of your settlement is just one aspect of your recovery.  Our attorney can also help you identify, resolve and minimize the impact of any medical bill liens or other claims of subrogation or for repayment from your settlement. It is critical to identify these issues upfront prior to reaching a settlement so there are no surprises after you have released your claim in exchange for that settlement amount.


Call Our Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries, and settling these claim is a serious legal matter, whether you are in Kansas City and any where in Kansas or Missouri. There's a lot at stake and it is easy to make a mistake that can cost you in the end.

For this reason, you should consider consulting with our experienced pedestrian injury attorney about your claim. Our Kansas City pedestrian injury attorney would be happy to speak with you, so contact us online or call today at 816-203-0143 for a free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve a maximum recovery in your case.

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