Chiropractic Treatment After an Accident in Missouri & Kansas

Any accident that results in an injury can be stressful and upsetting.  For example, after a car accident, our Kansas City personal injury attorneys often hear from people who experience aches and pains. They may go to an emergency room in Kansas or Missouri, or they may visit their primary care doctor.  Often, they are told that their pain will subside in a few days or weeks.

Unfortunately, many times pain in one’s spine or back not only continues but grows worse after an accident. You may be wondering if you should see a chiropractor or other medical provider for evaluation and treatment.

More information about chiropractic treatment after an accident in Missouri and Kansas is below.  If you believe someone else is at fault for your accident and injury, call our Kansas City personal injury attorney at 816-203-0143 for a free, no obligation case review. We can answer questions about your legal claim and help you evaluate treatment options.

Why Chiropractors Are Good Options After a Kansas City Accident

Many chiropractors have experience treating car accident, slip and falls and other accident injuries, including whiplash, shoulder pain, sprains, back pain, strains, and other soft tissue injuries. Chiropractors can also help reduce or eliminate chronic pain caused by injuries to the spinal column following an accident.

Seeking treatment from a chiropractor after a car accident could be a good option for several reasons, including:

  • man showing chiropractor the location of his back pain after a car accidentMany chiropractors use x-rays and radiographic equipment to diagnose injuries and determine the severity of the injury
  • Chiropractors identify the underlying cause of back pain, such as misalignment caused by the collision
  • The chiropractor may accept a medical lien for treatment, which means you pay the chiropractor after your case settles
  • Most chiropractors understand that they must document your injuries in detail to build a case for compensation for car accident damages
  • A chiropractor may be able to relieve back pain from a car accident without the use of prescription pain medication or invasive therapies

As with any health care provider, you should research your options before choosing a chiropractor. If possible, ask for recommendations from trusted sources.

You may need to meet with several chiropractors to find one that has experience treating your type of injury. Always search for a chiropractor that has a good reputation and has the correct credentials and licenses. If you have questions about chiropractic licenses, you can contact the Missouri Board of Chiropractic Examiners or the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

For Serious Injuries, See a Medical Specialist in Missouri or Kansas

If you have serious injuries, do not hesitate to seek treatment from a specialist. Depending on the type of injury, you may need to seek treatment from an orthopedist, concussion specialist, neurologist, physical therapist, or other health care provider.

In many cases, severe injuries are treated in an emergency room immediately following the accident. If the person is not admitted to the hospital, they are referred to their primary care physician for follow-up. Your primary care physician can make referrals and recommendations for care.

If your doctor feels that you do not need a specialist, but you continue to experience back pain, a chiropractor could help. The chiropractor can assess your injury, develop a treatment plan, and document your injuries. However, if your pain and other symptoms persist, do not hesitate to return to your primary care physician or other health care provider for additional tests and evaluations.

Will the Insurance Company Pay the Chiropractor After a Kansas City Accident?

Many insurance companies challenge chiropractic treatment. They claim that the treatments were not necessary, not related to the car accident, or were too expensive. The insurance company may also claim that the duration of the treatments was too long.

In some cases, insurance companies allege that if the person were injured, they would have been treated by a “real” doctor.  This is inaccurate and unfair, but unfortunately, insurance companies often have bias against chiropractic care. They use that to their advantage in court to try to persuade jurors that you were not injured in the car crash. For that reason, you should go to a medical specialist for certain serious injuries.

Our Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Has Experience with Claims Involving Chiropractic Care

Our Kansas City personal injury attorney routinely helps clients who are receiving care from chiropractors and other medical specialists. We can help you understand your options and legal rights regarding an accident claim.

We understand how insurance companies attack accident claims involving chiropractic care. Our Kansas City personal injury law firm represents injured individuals throughout Missouri and Kansas. If the insurance company refuses to pay chiropractic bills after an accident, call us to discuss what you should do next to protect your legal rights.

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