When Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident Causing Injuries?

A car accident where you suffer injuries can be a traumatic experience, and your stress can increase in the aftermath as you cope with your injuries, mounting medical bills, and no wages while you are off work recovering.

You may be tempted to save money by settling your claim with the other driver’s insurance company on your own. However, in most auto crashes in Missouri and Kansas, you need the assistance of our experienced personal injury attorney who can protect your rights and obtain the compensation that you deserve in your settlement. 

Do You Need a Lawyer After Your Car Accident?There are some cases when accident victims do not need to retain an attorney and will be able to settle their claim fairly quickly. If you suffered minimal damage to your car or you only suffered injuries such as stitches or a sprained wrist that required no time off work, you may not need to be represented by an attorney.

However, in most cases, you will be at a disadvantage if you do not retain a lawyer.

When to Call Our Office and Seek Assistance

If any of these situations apply to your claim, you need our attorney on your side:

  • Serious injuries or death. If you suffered any serious injuries or a loved one died, the value of your claim will be significantly higher. You need the assistance of a lawyer to accurately value your claim and fight to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to.
  • Disability. Your claim will also be worth more if you suffered a permanent disability, especially if you need to make a career change due to your injuries or can no longer work. You may be entitled to lost earning capacity damages as well as long-term medical expenses and compensation for your pain and suffering that could make settling your claim harder.
  • Disputes. The insurance company for the negligent driver will often raise disputes about the cause of the accident or the seriousness of the victim’s injuries in an effort to deny or reduce a claim. An experienced attorney can help you collect the evidence that you need to prove your case and convince the insurance company that its dispute is without merit.
  • Truck accidents. If a truck driver caused your accident, you need an attorney who understands the complex federal regulations that may have been violated by the trucker and trucking company. In addition, your injuries could be severe and the value of your claim higher due to the size and weight of the truck.
  • Unfair settlement. If the insurance company is making a settlement offer that you know is unfair, you want to retain an attorney immediately. Similarly, you should be wary if the insurance adjuster makes a settlement offer right after your crash. This may be an effort to get you to accept less than what you are owed. It is never a good idea to settle your claim without first seeking the advice of an experienced attorney.
  • Denial of your claim. Even when your claim is strong, it could be denied by the insurance company. If this happens to you, you should immediately retain an attorney to protect your interests and file a lawsuit on your behalf.


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