How a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you were injured by a car while walking as a pedestrian in the Kansas City metro area or elsewhere where in Kansas or Missouri, you likely have many questions. You may be wondering how to get your medical bills paid. You may be trying to make sense of the forms the insurance company is sending you. You also may be wondering if it’s necessary to hire a pedestrian accident attorney to represent you.

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Many pedestrians who are injured in accidents with cars, trucks or other motor vehicles delay in hiring an attorney because they assume their case is simple and straight-forward. After all, there's no way that an insurance company could blame the pedestrian for the accident -- right?!  Wrong.

Unfortunately, all too often, this is just not true. The insurance company for the at-fault party makes money denying and minimizing the costs of injury claims. The insurance company may blame the pedestrian for the accident. If they assign fault to you, it will reduce the value of your claim or even eliminate your right to recovery under the law.

In many cases, a pedestrian accident attorney can help.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried after being injured in a pedestrian accident, you should strongly consider having an experienced pedestrian accident attorney by your side. 

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Missouri or Kansas

Some injury cases in Kansas and Missouri can be handled without hiring a lawyer. However, if any of the below situations apply to you, you very likely would benefit from hiring an experienced accident attorney. Below are the top four reasons for hiring an experienced Kansas City pedestrian accident attorney in Missouri and Kansas.

1.  You suffered serious injuries.

Pedestrians are unprotected, and when they're hit by an oncoming vehicle, their injuries can be serious and life threatening. Common injuries in a pedestrian accident include broken bones, head injuries, severe spinal cord or neck and back injuries, loss of limb/amputation, and lacerations, road rash, or severe contusions. 

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, there are many things you should do.  Your top priority needs to be getting better, which means prompt and proper medical treatment. Our Kansas City pedestrian accident law firm can be focused on legal matters that can lead to overwhelming confusion. With assistance of an attorney, you can rest assured that any and all potential evidence with be identified and preserved so the strongest case possible can be built for your claim.

2.  Who is at fault is disputed.

An insurance company may argue that you are partially or fully at fault for causing the accident as a pedestrian. This may sound ridiculous, but it happens more than you may think. 

In Missouri, the laws of comparative fault apply, which means that your recovery will be limited by the amount of fault that is assigned to you. In Kansas, the law is even more strict -- if you are 50% or more at fault you will recover nothing. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney can help gather important evidence to rebut any unfounded accusations and prove who was at fault for causing the accident.

3.  You need help getting a fair settlement offer.

If your claim wasn't denied, the insurance company's next move is to offer you a low-ball settlement. Don't settle for anything less than a fair settlement offer for your pedestrian accident injuries.  Our Kansas City pedestrian accident law firm is experienced in creating demand packages that fully document and detail the extent of your injuries and damages.  

Our experience and process allow us to build the support necessary to request the maximum amount under the law. We know how to use the law and facts to force the insurance company to treat you fairly. Once an offer is made, we can help you evaluate it and develop a strategy to negotiate with the insurance company for the at-fault party.

4.  A lawsuit must be filed.

In some cases, the insurance company for the at-fault party is simply unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement. In these instances, you simply will not be treated fairly unless you file suit and prepare for trial.

If a pre-suit settlement cannot be reached, an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will not delay and will have everything ready to file suit on your behalf.

Call Our Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Help. 

Again, some case in Kansas and Missouri can be handled without hiring a lawyer. If your case is one of those, we will tell you. However, if any of the above situations applies to you, you should at least consult with an experienced personal. injury attorney about your pedestrian accident case. 


Our Kansas City pedestrian accident law firm provides experienced counsel for accident victims throughout the state of Missouri and Kansas.  If you have questions about you case or whether you need to hire a pedestrian accident attorney, please call us today at 816-203-0143, for a free, no obligation consultation. Strict deadlines apply to injury cases, so don't wait - contact us today. We can help guide you through the legal process for a maximum recovery in your case. 

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