New Data on Kansas City Pedestrian Injuries & Deaths

Data compiled and released from the Kansas City, Missouri police department (KCPD) shows there was nearly one traffic crash involving a pedestrian every day in 2018. 

In 2018, the number of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents was 360, which is equivalent to nearly one every day of the year.  This is the highest number in Kansas City over the past four years for which data was readily available.  In addition to record-setting pedestrian injuries, Kansas City had the highest number of pedestrian fatalities from car crashes in 2018, with 22 pedestrians losing their lives. 

Where Kansas City Pedestrian Accidents Happen

Pedestrian-related injuries and deaths can happen in a number of circumstances and locations.  For example, pedestrian accidents throughout Kansas and Missouri happen at: 

  • Kansas City pedestrian accident injury lawyerCrossings at traffic lights
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Crosswalks and traffic intersections
  • School zones
  • Residential driveways
  • Shoulders of roads

Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Kansas City

According to KCPD, there are three intersections in Kansas City that involved the most pedestrian-related injuries.  Each of these three locations had with three pedestrian accidents:

  • 12th Street and Benton Boulevard,
  • I-435 and Winner Road and
  • 31st Street and Prospect Avenue 

Kansas City is not alone.  Pedestrian injuries and deaths from traffic crashes are on the rise nationwide.  

In 2017, nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in crashes in the US, with over 129,000 visiting emergency rooms for treatment of their injuries. Pedestrian-involved accidents are quickly becoming a nationwide epidemic.

How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents in Kansas City

There are number of strategies that cities and states can employ to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians.  For instance, Kansas City has recently adopted a complete streets ordinance that provides guidelines on new standards for sidewalks and bicycles in capital road projects and new development. The city is building new sidewalks in conjunction with many road reconstruction projects and implementing road diets and traffic calming measures where appropriate.  

In addition to these measures, education and building awareness is key to reducing these tragic events.  When innocent people are hurt due to the carelessness or recklessness of others, the civil and criminal justice system is a mechanism to hold them accountable and deter others from similar behavior.

Do I Need a Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Pedestrian accidents are serious matters.  On average, pedestrians suffer much more serious injuries and have higher mortality rates due to their unprotected status at the moment of impact with a motor vehicle.

They can also be legally complex due to issues of comparative fault, which is a defense that is often raised by the other party that can reduce or eliminate your right to recovery. For these reasons, it's critical that you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your pedestrian accident claim as soon as possible.

Contact Our Kansas City Pedestrian Lawyer for Help

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