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One of the most challenging issues new parents face is choosing a daycare facility for their child. You want to ensure that your children are safe, supervised, and happy when you cannot be with them during the day. Searching for a daycare for your children may seem overwhelming.

As a personal injury attorney in Kansas City who handles child injuries, we know there are certain tips to keep in mind so you can find a safe daycare for your child. If your child has suffered an injury at a daycare in Missouri or Kansas and you believe another party is at fault, please call our personal injury law firm at 816-203-0143 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Safety Factors Parents Should Look for in a Missouri or Kansas Daycare

Some of the factors that parents should consider when choosing a daycare in Missouri or Kansas for their children include:

Staff Ratios

Missouri and Kansas laws and regulations require that daycare facilities adhere to certain staff ratios. The staff ratios are lower for younger children because they need more supervision and care than older children need. When a daycare does not have sufficient staff to care for children, accidents and injuries happen.

Experienced Teachers and Caregivers

Do not hesitate to ask the facility about the experience of each staff member who will care for your child. Even the best childhood education and care program cannot prepare a caregiver or teacher for handling a group of children. The best way to learn how to be an excellent caregiver is through experience.

Safety Protocols

Every daycare should have standard safety protocols that they follow. Many of these safety protocols are mandated by state regulations in Missouri or Kansas. However, the daycare facility should institute other safety protocols that are specific to the facility and certain situations.

For example, what are the safety protocols for ensuring that toys and playground equipment are screened for recalls for defective products? What steps does the facility take to ensure that surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly? What are the procedures in place to ensure that unauthorized individuals are not allowed into the facility?

As a parent, you have a right to review the safety protocols for the daycare facility. If the facility is unwilling to share these protocols, it might not be the best facility for your children.


What are the reporting requirements the daycare uses to keep parents informed about their children’s activities? For example, does the daycare report minor bumps and scrapes? Can you obtain a report detailing your child’s feeding, sleep, and diaper changes during the day?

Ensure that you understand what the daycare will and will not tell you about your child’s day. For example, while daycares may be required by Missouri or Kansas law to report certain injuries, parents may desire to be kept informed about other aspects of their children’s day.

Discipline Policies

Corporal punishment should not be a part of the daycare facility’s discipline policy. Most daycares now use positive reinforcement and redirection instead of time out or other negative discipline policies. Some facilities may also use time out or “cool down” periods. Make sure you understand and agree with the discipline policy before enrolling your child.

Space and Ability to Explore and Learn

Daycare Safety Attorney in MO & KSChildren are curious. They need opportunities to explore and learn. Pay close attention to how the rooms are set up and the toys and activities provided in each room. Ask about the daily schedules and routines. Are there structured, daily, caregiver-led activities that promote learning, social interaction, and creative exploration?


Search for online reviews from parents and caregivers. There are many sources online for daycare reviews. Carefully read each review in addition to checking the overall rating for the daycare.

Keep in mind that there will usually be one or two parents who were unhappy with the daycare, which is expected. However, look for daycare facilities that have overall good ratings and reviews by parents.

Insurance and Licensing

Check the daycare facility’s insurance and if they have a Missouri or Kansas license. You should not use a facility that does not have the required insurance and license. Verify that the insurance policy and license are current by contacting the appropriate company or state agency in Kansas or Missouri.

What State Agencies Can Parents Contact Regarding Daycare Facilities?

The state regulates child care facilities. In Kansas, parents can obtain information from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. In Missouri, parents can obtain information about child care facilities through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Parents can request information about the facility’s history of complaints, compliance with state regulations, and other safety information.

What to Do If Your Child Is Injured at a Daycare in Missouri or Kansas

Daycare accidents in Missouri or Kansas can result in traumatic injuries. Children who sustain daycare injuries can experience developmental delays and physical, emotional, and cognitive impairments.

If your child is injured at a daycare in Missouri or Kansas, take your child to see their doctor. For emergencies, go directly to the hospital emergency room. Seeking medical care is the first priority after a daycare accident. Take photographs of your child’s injuries.

When your child is stable, gather as much information as possible from the daycare regarding the accident. Request copies of all written reports and the names of all staff members or other people present when your child was injured. Also, request copies of any video footage from security cameras.

If the injury involves a toy or piece of equipment, ask if the item has been secured while the facility determines if a defect contributed to the cause of your child’s injury. Keep detailed records of all expenses and financial losses associated with your child’s injury, including medical bills and your missed time from work.

As soon as possible, contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney to discuss what happened. A personal injury attorney can analyze the situation to determine if you and your child might have a claim against the daycare for daycare negligence or other wrongdoing.

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