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When parents of young children select a daycare or other child care in Kansas City or anywhere throughout Kansas and Missouri, they have certain reasonable expectations about how their children will be treated, cared for and supervised. When the trust you put in a daycare center is violated and your child is injured, you have a legal right to hold the negligent parties accountable.

Unfortunately, there are several types of circumstances that can result in child injuries in a daycare center in Kansas or Missouri.  

These situations are all-too-common and, if any of these sound familiar, you should contact our experienced Kansas City daycare and child injury attorney who can help hold these businesses accountable for what they have done.

Types of Daycare Negligence in Missouri & Kansas

Unsafe Premises. The daycare owner and their staff need to ensure that their facility is safe and secure for the children who are left their by their parents. This means that they should not be putting children in contact with dangerous materials or conditions. For instance, cribs should not include heavy blankets, the doors to the classrooms should be secured to prevent access from strangers, medications should be secured, and the cooking areas should be restricted to prevent burns.

Insufficient Staffing Ratios. Regulations require specific staffing ratios that vary depending on the age of the children.  One reason staffing is so important is that children are curious, active and vulnerable to injury without necessary adult supervision. Unfortunately, when many daycare facilities need to cut costs, staffing is many times the first thing that is cut. When daycare centers fail to hire and retain necessary staff to supervise children, there in an increased likelihood of injury.

Failure to Train or Screen Employees. Daycares in Kansas City, whether in Missouri or Kansas, have a legal duty to protect your child from those who are not sufficiently trained, or who are not legally permitted to work with children. Background checks are just one piece of the puzzle. If a daycare center negligently hires or fails to train an employee, the owner or center manager may be held liable for any harm that results.

Kansas City daycare child injury lawyerUnsafe Toys and Playgrounds. Toys should be inspected and removed if they have small or lose parts that pose a danger. In addition, cribs, and indoor and outdoor playground equipment should be safe and not permitted use if they have been been recalled.

Food & Health Safety Issues. Food allergies are an increasingly common issue for many young children. Cross-contamination or the failure to follow allergy warnings may cause dangerous or even deadly reactions in children. Food that is either spoiled or contaminated can also cause sickness and serious injury in young children.

Bodily Injury.  It is not uncommon for children to suffer bumps and bruises at daycare.  However, unexplained wounds or more severe injuries should raise concern, especially if there is are repeated injuries. Talk to you child. His or her response and behavior may reveal that something is wrong, especially if he or she is reluctant or afraid to go to daycare.

What to Do If Your Child Is Injured at a Kansas City Daycare

If you believe that daycare negligence or abuse has harmed your child, please know that our Kansas City child injury law firm is here to provide answers and guidance. First, you need to take immediate action to protect your child, which usually requires removing him or her from dangerous circumstances.  In addition, local law enforcement can be helpful in advising you of the appropriate state agencies to report the issues or abuse.  

Of course, you  can also reach out to a lawyer who is experienced in handling daycare negligence and abuse cases. Our Kansas City child injury lawyer has the legal experience, knowledge and resources to pursue an insurance claim and civil action for damages. We are also experienced in navigating the administrative and criminal aspects of these claims.  We have found that many parents don't just want compensation for damages suffered - they want the negligent behavior corrected so no other children get hurt. 

Call Our Kansas City Daycare Injury Lawyer

If your child has been harmed due to negligence or abuse in a daycare or childcare center, please know that our Kansas City daycare injury attorney is here to answer your questions and provide guidance on the way forward. We are strong advocates for protecting the rights of injured children and their families and are experienced in this very specific area of law.

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