Damages You May Recover After a Child Injury in Kansas City

Compensation for Child injury lawyer kansas cityIf your child is seriously injured in a car accident, at a school or daycare, by a defective product, dangerous property condition or some other form of negligence, your child will have a personal injury claim that can be brought to recover compensation for any damages that result.

The types of damage that can be recovered for a child injury claim in Kansas or Missouri include amounts for:

  • Past and future medical bills for treatment necessitated by the injuries;
  • Past and future pain and suffering; and 
  • Disfigurement, scaring or permanent limitations; 
  • Property damage and other incidental expenses sustained due to the negligence. 

In addition, if the injury to your child caused you to miss work and lose wages or income from your employment, you are entitled to recover the amount of those lost wages.  In certain cases an injury to a child was caused by more egregious, reckless conduct of the other party, punitive damages may also be awarded by a jury to punish and deter such conduct.  

An experienced child injury lawyer can evaluate your child's claim and the potential value of the damages at issue. Our Kansas City child injury lawyer provides a free consultation and can help you understand what damages may apply in your particular case and how to maximize the value of your child's injury claim.

Child Injury Claims Are Different Than Other Injury Claims

There are many differences in how claims for injuries to children are handled than for adults.  A child is considered a minor under the law and does not have the legal capacity to assert or negotiate a personal injury claim.  As a result, Kansas and Missouri law have procedures in place to allow a "Next Friend," usually a parent, to bring the claim and negotiate it on behalf of the minor child.

In addition, both Kansas and Missouri law require settlements for child injuries to be approved by a judge in what is known as a minor settlement hearing. This is just one of many reasons why you should consult with an experienced 

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