Long-Term Disability Appeals & Lawsuits against Principal Financial

Receiving a denial letter for your long-term disability claim is not the end of the matter. You have the right to appeal your long-term disability denial. However, you face an uphill battle. Principal Financial and other insurance providers do not want to pay disability benefits. Paying benefits decreases their profit margins. The harsh truth is this: your claim is simply another “bill” the company does not want to pay.

ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) governs many of the employer-provided long-term disability insurance policies. However, having these government regulations are not always written with your interest in mind. ERISA often favors insurance companies like Principal Financial in long-term disability appeals and lawsuits.

Don’t Face Principal Financial Alone – Get Help With Your Disability Appeal

Our disability attorneys at the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus assist workers in filing long-term disability appeals and lawsuits against Principal Financial. Our lawyers understand ERISA laws and how to use those laws to your benefit.

Contact our law firm at 816-203-0143 to discuss your long-term disability appeal with one of our lawyers. We represent clients against Principal Financial and other long-term disability insurance companies. Get the help you need to fight for the long-term disability benefits you deserve and need.

How Can Our Disability Appeal Lawyers Help You with a Denial by Principal Financial?

If you received a denial letter from Principal Financial, call our law firm for more information. Here are three things our lawyer can do for you right now:

1.  Request a Free Review of Your Principal Financial Denial Letter

It is crucial that you understand the information in your denial letter. That information is the basis of the strategy used to appeal the denial of your long-term disability benefits.

Our long-term disability lawyer will review your Principal Financial denial letter for free. You will have the benefit of an experienced ERISA long-term disability lawyer reviewing your denial letter. He will explain your options and give you a plan to address the denial.

The free review does not obligate you to hire our law firm. If you decide to proceed with an appeal or a lawsuit, we will discuss those steps during a consultation.

2.  Request a Free Copy of Our Disability Appeal Guide

Do you need more information about long-term disability benefits and how to fight a denial by Principal Financial? Get answers to questions like:

  • Why do ERISA laws give unfair advantages to insurance companies like Principal Financial?
  • What steps should you take when Principal Financial denies your long-term disability?
  • What is the truth about the myths about long-term disability claims and appeals?
  • How do claims for long-term disability benefits with private carriers differ from ERISA LTD claims?
  • What is the most important step you can take to protect your legal rights after being denied long-term disability benefits?

Please request a copy of our Disability Guide that answers the above questions and many more. Our disability lawyer in Kansas City wrote the guide. It is available free of charge by request.

We also have information about long-term disability claims and appeals in our free articles and FAQs. We have a large collection of articles available on our website at no charge to you.

3.  Schedule a Consultation with a Disability Claims Attorney by Calling 816-203-0143

If you need help with a long-term disability claim or appeal, contact our law office to schedule a consultation with our attorney. Whether you are battling Principal Financial or another long-term disability insurance company, our legal team is here to help you fight for the disability income you deserve.

Why Did Principal Financial Deny My Long-Term Disability Claim?

LTD Claim DenialLong-term disability insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons. Some reasons for a denial might be legitimate, but that is not always the case. If the insurance company can bully and intimidate you into giving up your long-term disability claim, it saves money.

You need to determine if the reason for denial is valid, and if so, what are your options for correcting the issues that caused the denial of your LTD claim.

In cases in which the denial is unjustified, our long-term disability lawyer can help you appeal the Principal Financial denial to obtain your disability income.

Common reasons long-term disability insurance companies give for denying disability claims include:

  • You are able to work according to a TSA (Transitional Skills Analysis) or FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) performed by a provider hired by the insurance company
  • Your medical records do not demonstrate a disability that prevents you from working
  • The physician hired by the insurance company contradicts the findings of your physician
  • Your long-term disability insurance policy does not cover the situation or disability
  • You did not complete all the paperwork or requirements to be eligible for long-term disability income

Don’t give up without a fight! The insurance company is not going to tell you whether it is unjustly denying your long-term disability claim. You need a long-term disability attorney to review your Principal Financial claim to determine the best strategy for fighting the denial of disability benefits.

Even the Playing Field with Principal Financial by Hiring a Disability Lawyer

Principal Financial and other insurance companies have almost unlimited resources for fighting disability claims. They try to overwhelm applicants so that they give up. The insurance company uses ERISA loopholes to drag out claims and wear people down.

You do not have to fight Principal Financial alone. You can even the playing field by hiring the legal team at the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus. Our experienced ERISA long-term disability attorney has extensive experience fighting insurance companies. We understand ERISA laws. More importantly, we understand how to use those laws to fight the insurance company for fair treatment of your claim.

Call 816-203-0143 now to request more information, request a free denial letter review, or set up a consultation with an attorney.

How Can Our Disability Lawyer Help You After a Denial by Principal Financial?

You are not required to hire a lawyer when you file for long-term disability or file an administrative appeal. However, that does not mean it is in your best interest to fight Principal Financial alone. Having an attorney with experience handling ERISA long-term disability claims gives you a better chance of obtaining your benefits.

Our experienced long-term disability lawyer can take quick action to protect your rights because he already understands ERISA laws. He knows the steps to take to give you the best chance of winning your appeal. Your lawyer protects you from aggressive insurance adjusters and unfair insurance tactics.

Appealing a denial of long-term disability income can be a complicated undertaking. When you file your administrative claim, you want to ensure you provide the evidence necessary to rule in your favor. Our lawyer can help you gather this information, including assisting you in locating medical experts that could assist with your case.

When preparing for an administrative appeal, you want to have:

  • Statements from medical experts and physicians explaining your disability and how your disability prevents you from performing specific tasks required for work
  • Copies of all medical records, including any records that may have been generated after the filing of your initial long-term disability application
  • Statements from other witnesses, such as family, friends, and coworkers, who can testify to your limitations

Principal Financial has 45 days to approve or deny your administrative appeal. If it denies the appeal, you can discuss filing a lawsuit with our disability lawyer.

Don’t Wait After a Long-Term Disability Denial by Principal Financial

Time is not on your side! ERISA imposes strict deadlines for filing claims and appeals. You also have deadlines for filing lawsuits regarding your long-term disability claim. If you miss any of these deadlines, you could lose your right to pursue legal action.

Please reach out to our law firm to discuss your long-term disability claim with our long-term disability attorney in Kansas City, Missouri. Contact the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus by calling 816-203-0143. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of disabled workers in Kansas, Missouri and throughout the United States.


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