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Being unable to work due to a disability can be an overwhelming. How are you going to provide for your needs and your family’s needs? You thought long-term disability insurance would help you, but MetLife denied your long-term disability claim. What should you do now?

Don’t give up! With the help of our long-term disability denial lawyer against MetLife, you can appeal for your disability denial and fight for the benefits you deserve. Most long-term disability insurance policies are governed by a federal law known as ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

ERISA laws do not always protect workers. ERISA regulations often favor employers and insurance providers. ERISA gives MetLife and other insurance companies discretion as to whether to approve or deny long-term disability benefits.

Get Help with a MetLife LTD Appeal from Our Long-Term Disability Lawyer

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our attorney can provide you with the information you need to fight a long-term disability denial by MetLife. Here are three ways we can help you right now:

1.  We Will Review Your Denial Letter for No Fee

If you received a denial letter from MetLife, contact our office for a free review of the denial letter. Our disability denial lawyer reviews the letter, explains your rights, and gives you a plan for fighting MetLife for your disability benefits.

The review of your denial letter does not obligate you to hire our law firm. It is provided without charge so that you can get the information you need.

However, don’t wait too long to contact our law firm. Time is not on your side in these situations. If you do not act quickly, you could lose your right to appeal your MetLife denial of long-term disability benefits.

2.  Request a Free Copy of Our Guide to Disability Appeals

Our long-term disability lawyer wrote a guide that provides valuable information about disability claims and appeals of long-term disability denials. This free guide addresses many issues and questions, including:

  • Debunking myths about long-term disability insurance
  • The difference between private long-term disability claims and an ERISA disability claim
  • The steps you should take when MetLife denies your long-term disability
  • Why ERISA gives long-term disability insurance providers like MetLife an unfair advantage
  • The one critical step that you need to take to help you get the long-term disability benefits from MetLife that you deserve

You can receive our Disability Guide free of charge merely by contacting our office and asking for it. You can also access an extensive collection of FAQs and articles for more information about long-term disability claims and appeals. These resources are also provided to you absolutely free.

3.  Call our law firm at 816-203-0143 to schedule a consultation with our Kansas City Disability Appeal Attorney for MetLife Denials

Let’s discuss your LTD denial in more detail. Our law firm handles ERISA claims with attorneys throughout the United States for no additional charge. Our goal is to help disabled workers receive the disability benefits they are entitled to receive.

Why Did MetLife Deny My Long-Term Disability Claim?

MetLife LTD DenialsThere may be no reason why MetLife denied your long-term disability claim other than it wants to avoid paying the claim. Insurance companies want to make money. Therefore, they will use whatever means they have available to avoid paying out money for disability claims.

Some reasons for a long-term disability denial might be valid. A person may have made a mistake on their application for long-term disability benefits, or they may not be disabled. However, the insurance company may be stalling and trying to intimidate you. If the insurance company can bully you into giving up your fight for long-term disability, it saves money.

Common reasons that an insurance provider gives for denying a disability claim include:

  • You did not meet the definition of disabled based on the medical evidence provided with your claim
  • You failed to complete the necessary requirements for LTD benefits
  • The results of your Functional Capacity Evaluation or Transitional Skills Analysis indicate you can perform some tasks that could be used to earn a living
  • The terms and conditions of your LTD insurance policy do not cover your disability or the situation
  • The physician hired by the insurance provider rebuts your doctor’s prognosis of your condition.

If you receive a denial letter from MetLife, do not wait to contact a long-term disability attorney. You need to take immediate action to appeal the denial, or you could lose your right to an appeal.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our law firm has extensive experience handling ERISA long-term disability claims. The insurance company has the resources to fight your claim. You need a legal team to even that playing field to give you a better chance of winning your ERISA LTD appeal.

We understand ERISA laws. We also understand the tactics used by insurance companies like MetLife to deny valid long-term disability claims. Let us help you with your appeal.

Call 816-203-0143 to talk to a knowledgeable member of our legal team. Act now to protect your rights to LTD benefits.

Do I Need a Long-Term Disability Attorney to File an Appeal with MetLife?

You are not required to hire a disability attorney to file an administrative appeal. However, that does not mean you do not need a lawyer to handle your long-term disability appeal with MetLife.

Long-term disability appeals are complicated. MetLife will fight your appeal aggressively. If you do not understand ERISA laws and disability claims, you could lose your claim. Our long-term disability lawyer in Kansas City can help you with an administrative appeal by:

  • Gathering all medical records necessary for the administrative appeal
  • Putting you in contact with medical experts that could assist with the appeal
  • Gathering statements from physicians explaining the extent of your disability and how the disability impacts your ability to work
  • Working with friends, family, and witnesses to create statements to present with the appeal

A long-term disability lawyer also monitors all deadlines and requirements for the appeal to ensure you have the best chance of success.

What Happens After I File a MetLife Long-Term Disability Appeal?

MetLife has at least 45 days to respond to your long-term disability appeal. If it denies the appeal, you may proceed with a long-term disability lawsuit seeking disability benefits. Unfortunately, many judges give insurance providers the benefit of the doubt when deciding LTD appeals.

Working with an experienced long-term disability attorney can improve your chances of success. An attorney who handles these types of disability claims routinely already understands ERISA rules. The attorney also understands how courts view long-term disability appeals. Your lawyer is able to develop a strategy that gives you the best chance of success when appealing your long-term disability denial.

Don’t Wait Too Long After Receiving a Denial of Benefits from MetLife

You need your disability benefits, and you need them right now. Therefore, waiting to talk with an long-term disability appeals lawyer delays the time it takes to get your disability benefits. It also puts you at risk of missing important deadlines that impact the success of your appeal.

Appealing the denial of a long-term disability claim under ERISA can be a complicated process. Having as much time to analyze and prepare the appeal as possible is always in your best interest.

Therefore, as soon as you receive a denial letter from MetLife, contact our law firm to discuss your case with an attorney. We are here to help you when you need a trusted legal advocate in your corner.

Contact Our Long Term Disability Lawyers After a MetLife Denial

Please reach out to our law firm by calling 816-203-0143 or contacting us online. The members of our legal team are ready to help you.

At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our clients are more than just cases. We understand you are suffering, and we want to help right this wrong by fighting MetLife for your LTD benefits.

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