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Getting your LTD (long-term disability) benefits denied can be shocking news.  However, please know that companies like The Hartford have an extremely high rate of denials, and many of these denials are just flat-out wrong. You need to understand your legal rights after a denial, including the legal process for appealing a denial from Hartford to get your benefits reinstated. 

Our long-term disability lawyer is here to help.  Just call us at 816-203-0143, and we will review your denial letter for free and provide a strategy for fighting back in your case.  If you'd like more information about long-term disability appeals, download our free book, Danger: Proceed at Your Own Risk. It's packed with tips on how to win your appeal and get back on claim.

The Hartford Disability Insurance 

The Hartford is an insurance company that insures millions across the United States. With their purchase of the CNS Insurance Services in 2013, the reach of Hartford has grown even farther. They now sell a large number of long-term disability insurance policies, which are intended to help claimants pay for living expenses when an illness or injury prevents them from working.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that many Hartford claimants have been receiving improper denials of their long term disability claims. After a wrongful denial, the disabled person is left in a very vulnerable position. They are forced to file an appeal and a lawsuit to receive their benefits they deserve. 

Why You Were Denied by The Hartford

Receiving a letter of denial for your initial LTD claim can be devastating, especially when you are counting on benefits to keep a roof over your head and food on your table. If your claim was denied, there could be a few possibilities as to why this could have occurred.Denied Disability Insurance By The Hartford appeal 

  • Not having medical evidence of your disability
  • Not have sufficient proof from medical or vocational experts
  • Not following the terms and conditions of your policy

Any of the above could be the cause of your denial of benefits.  However, you should not accept a denial from the Hartford just because it says so.  If you feel that your claim was improperly handled, then you should fight back and pursue an appeal of The Hartford’s decision. 

Appealing a Denial from the Hartford 

If your policy was purchased as part of an employer’s group disability plan, it is likely governed by a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Under ERISA, a claimant must file an administrative appeal in order to reverse a wrongful denial. An appeal is required to be filed and pursued before you’re able to file a lawsuit.  

ERISA sets out strict deadlines and complicated rules for these appeals.  You are not required to hire an attorney under ERISA, but since ERISA is a law that strongly favors insurance companies, we strongly recommend that you at least consult with an ERISA-trained attorney prior to submitting your appeal. An experienced long-term disability (LTD) lawyer can ensure that your appeal is complete and avoid any mistakes that can prevent you from getting your benefits reinstated. 

How To File a Hartford LTD Appeal

ERISA is full of tricks and traps that tilt the scales in favor of the insurance company. For instances, under ERISA, you are not permitted to add any additional evidence to your appeal after it is submitted.  So, if your appeal is denied and you proceed to file a lawsuit, the judge will not allow you to submit new documentation, witnesses or testimony.  For this reason, it is best to have everything you need filed as part of your appeal. 


What to Include With Your Hartford Appeal 

Since ERISA is so complicated, you really should consider having an experienced ERISA-trained attorney by your side when you file your appeal.  Every ERISA disability case is different, and the rules regarding appeals are so unforgiving.  Just a few of the documents you should consider including as part of your appeal are:

  • All medical records evidencing your disability 
  • Reports from your doctor documenting your limitations and inability to work
  • Letters from family and friends stating how they have seen your disability affect your life 

These are just a few of the things you should consider submitting. Your attorney will be able to review your claims file and denial letter and tell you exactly what to include to help your case. The more support that you add to your appeal, the better chances you may have of reversing the decision or winning a lawsuit. 

Free Help From Our Long-Term Disability Lawyer 

long term disability appeal of Hartford denial attorney Although you could choose to file an appeal with The Hartford on your own, ERISA makes it a long and hard road for those who go it alone. The Hartford already has a big head-start because ERISA usually gives a lot of discretion to the insurance company to deny claims.  

You need our long-term disability lawyer who knows the process and how to fight back against a wrongful denial. A lawyer with plenty of experience with ERISA law can make getting your benefits back much easier.   At the very least, download our free book, Danger: Proceed at Your Own RiskIt's full of information and concrete steps on how to win your appeal and get back on claim.

If you have specific questions about your claim, our long-term disability lawyer is ready to help.  Contact us today at 816-203-0143 for a free, no-obligation review of your denial letter. We will review your denial for free and give you a plan of attack to get your benefits reinstated.  


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