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Burns and fires continue to be a leading cause of injury and accidental death for children. Burns are the fifth most common cause of non-fatal child injuries. Sadly, the majority of burn injuries in children are preventable. It is devastating when a child is burned because of a preventable accident. It is angering when that preventable accident was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. 

Our Kansas City burn injury attorneys assist parents in fighting for their children’s legal rights after being burned in an accident. We advocate for the health and wellbeing of children by ensuring that they receive the compensation they deserve from the at-fault party who caused the injury.

Common Types of Child Burn Injuries in Kansas City

There are many different causes of burn injuries for children. The common types of burn injuries for children here in Kansas City and throughout Missouri and Kansas include:

  • child burn injury kansas city lawyer.jpgThermal or contact burns increase the temperature of the skin and underlying tissues. Some people refer to these types of injuries as “scalding” burns. These burns can result from bathwater that is too hot, spilled hot beverages, hot food, steam, and pots pulled off or overturned on the stove or the countertop. Touching hot objects can also result in a thermal burn, such as hot stoves, hair curlers, hairdryers, portable heaters, and fireworks.
  • Electrical burns result from contact with an electrical current. Children can sustain an electrical burn from exposed wires, a defective toy, sticking fingers in outlets, or biting on an extension cord or other electric cord.
  • Chemical burns can occur if a child drinks acid-based liquids or swallows button batteries. It may also occur if chemicals are spilled on the skin, such a bleach, ammonia, and pool cleaning chemicals. 
  • Radiation burns can occur from exposure to radiation or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Healthy Children provides information for preventing childhood burns. 

Some childhood burn injuries are caused by an accident. However, some burns may be the result of negligence or other wrongdoing. Child injuries can result in lifelong impairments and disabilities. When another party’s error or wrongdoing causes a burn, your child may be entitled to compensation.

A Kansas City burn injury lawyer investigates the cause of the injury to determine if the at-fault party is responsible for damages under premises liability laws, product liability laws, or general negligence or personal injury laws.

Degrees of Burns Injuries

Depending on the source, there are three to six types of burns. The severity of the burn determines the type of burn treatment required and the risk of severe or permanent injury.

  • First Degree Burns are the least serious degree of burn. They cause minor swelling, redness, and pain. Heating time for first degree burns is typically within a week. In most cases, parents can treat first degree burns at home.
  • Second Degree Burns damage the second layer of skin. They can cause blisters and take longer to heal. Some second degree burns can require medical treatment, especially if blisters burst and become infected.
  • Third Degree Burns damage all layers of the skin and can cause nerve damage. These burns appear brown, leathery, or waxy white. Third degree burns require medical treatment. In some cases, a child could require skin grafts for third degree burns. Infections are a serious complication with third degree burns.
  • Fourth to Sixth Degree Burns are the most severe types of burn. These burns extend into the fat, muscle, and bones. Fourth to sixth degree burns can be deadly. 

You should seek immediate medical care for burns that are third degree or higher. However, children who sustain burns could require medical care, depending on where the burn is located and how much of the body the burn covers. When in doubt, call your child’s pediatrician. It is best to seek medical advice than to take a chance with your child’s health.

Our Kansas City Child Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help

If your child suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of another, you and your child may be entitled to compensation under Missouri and Kansas law. Child injury cases are more complicated than typical personal injury claims. Any settlement will require the initiation of a lawsuit and approval of a judge pursuant to both Missouri and Kansas law.  However, these cases are important not only for the purpose of seeking justice for your family but also for holding parties accountable and preventing future injuries to others.

Compensation you may recover for a child burn injury may include damages such as:

  • Medical expenses and treatment costs
  • Loss of function, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Loss of income you incur while caring for your child
  • Your child’s physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional suffering
  • Occupational and physical therapy 
  • Counseling and mental health treatment
  • Future medical costs, including plastic surgeries 

Our Kansas City burn injury lawyer works with parents and injured children throughout Missouri and Kansas as they seek justice after an injury or accident.


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