Cervical and Lumbar Spine Fusions After Car Accidents 

Neck and back injuries are common car accident injuries. The impact of a motor vehicle collision can cause serious damage to the cervical spine (neck) and the lumbar spine (lower back). Injuries can range from mild pain and reduced range of motion to chronic pain, ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and herniated discs. In severe cases, a car accident victim might need back surgery to relieve the condition. 

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How Do Car Accidents Cause Back Injuries?

When you are in a car accident, your body can be twisted and jerked in various directions. The jerking motion results in a severe strain on your lumbar and cervical spine. Also, the sudden stop in forward momentum can place extreme pressure on your back. Unfortunately, the spine was not designed to handle the level of force caused by a motor vehicle crash. 

The jerking, jostling, and twisting of the spine caused by a collision can result in a variety of cervical and lumbar spine injuries. Common back injuries sustained in Kansas City car accidents include:

Back injuries can cause chronic pain and limited range of motion. In some cases, a person may be unable to work or perform normal daily activities. The treatment for a back injury depends on the type of injury and the severity of the injury.

Treatments for Back Injuries After a Car Accident

It is important to seek immediate medical attention for a back injury after a Kansas City car accident. Your injury could develop into a serious condition that might require intensive medical treatment. Prompt medical attention can help diagnose the condition and set a treatment plan that gives you the best chance of a full recovery from your back injury. Your doctor will use a variety of diagnostic tests to determine the extent of your back injury, such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, bone scans, nerve studies, and blood tests. 

Depending on the type of back injury and the severity of your back injury, your doctor may prescribe a variety of treatments. Mild back injuries may be treated with pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, and rest. Some patients might require physical therapy to regain full range of motion after a minor back injury.

However, some patients require surgery and intensive physical therapy to recover from a car accident back injury. A common surgery performed for lumbar spinal stenosis is decompressive laminectomy. The surgery is also used to treat herniated discs and other spinal injuries. 

Spinal fusion can also help stabilize the spine by permanently connecting two or more vertebrae. Discectomy (removal of a portion of a herniated disc) and implanting artificial discs are other types of back surgery that can treat cervical and lumbar injuries after a car accident. 

Back surgery is a complicated procedure with numerous risks. The recovery period for back surgery is several months for most patients. During that time, patients are unable to perform many of their normal daily activities and may require substantial personal care and assistance. The financial cost associated with back surgery is substantial, especially when you include the loss of income and the cost of personal care after surgery.

Do You Need Our Kansas City Car Accident Attorney for a Back Injury?

Because back injuries can lead to permanent impairments and result in life-altering conditions and substantial financial losses, we recommend that you consult our Kansas City car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you sustain a back injury in a motor vehicle crash. 

Our attorney can investigate the crash to determine who is liable for your injuries and search for all avenues of compensation to increase the chance that you receive maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. Our attorney can also negotiate with your health insurance company and medical providers to lower subrogation claims and medical liens on personal injury settlements to help you receive the highest value for your injury claim. 

Insurance companies often question back injuries and utilize pre-existing conditions or prior accidents to argue that they are not liable. Our experienced back injury attorney in Kansas City understands various insurance tactics and how to argue against reductions in claim value for pre-existing conditions or prior accidents. 

Back injuries are serious. You deserve our team of legal professionals who will diligently fight for your right to fair and just compensation for your injuries. While you focus on your recovery, our legal team focuses on building a strong legal case against the driver and other parties responsible for causing your back injury. 

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