broken bone symptoms Kansas City injury lawyerIf you were injured in an accident in or around Kansas City, you may be wondering if the pain and other symptoms you feel are due to a broken bone. Bone fractures can be a serious condition and warrant immediate medical attention.

If another party is responsible for your bone fracture, you would benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City who is experienced with broken bone cases about your legal rights and how to recover compensation for your injury.

Types of Bone Fractures from Accidents

There are many different types of bone fractures, and some are more common than others depending on the type of accident you were involved in.  For example, we commonly see bone fractures in car accidents in Kansas City because the powerful twisting or crushing from a car crash.  Car accident victims may suffer a broken leg, fractured ribs, broken hand, wrist or arm bones, or even worse a spinal fracture, head/facial bone or skull fracture.  

Many of these same fractures may also happen due to a bicycle accident, motorcycle crash, or truck accident. Our law firm has also handled foot, ankle or knee injuries, hip fractures, and shoulder injuries, which are also common from a slip and fall due to a dangerous property condition.

If You Suspect a Bone Fracture, Get Medical Attention

If you suspect a bone fracture after an accident, you should go to a doctor immediately. Any of the following symptoms may indicate a fracture: 

  • pain or tenderness;
  • swelling;
  • decreased mobility;
  • deformity;
  • areas that appear concave. 

If you have symptoms of a bone fracture after a car accident, seek a medical provider’s help in the Kansas City area as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the greater your chances of permanent damage or other complications. 

In addition, Kansas City injury lawyers will also explain to you that, the longer you wait to seek medical help, the more harder it will be to prove your personal injury claim.  Delays in treatment can seriously harm your right to recover compensation because insurance adjusters often use any delay to deny that your injury was caused by the accident or to downplay the seriousness of your condition.

You will need medical assistance and expertise to understand the nature and extent of your bone fracture and how it may impact your future.   

A bone fracture caused by a car or other accident in Kansas City will require multiple X-ray sessions, and depending on the type of broken bone, splints and perhaps a cast.  In the very best case scenario, healing is a 3 to 4 week process. More severe injuries will require surgical intervention, which may involve implanted hardware, such as wire, screws and plates. These surgeries can be very expensive. Even worse, physical therapy or other rehabilitation is often required, and there usually is no guarantee that you will regain full function. 

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Unfortunately, bone fractures in car accidents are all too common on Kansas City roadways, such as I-435, I-70, I-49, Route 50, I-35. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured with a bone fracture or other injury, download a FREE copy of our consumer guide, Crash Course: 9 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Injury Claim in Kansas and Missouri, and then contact our Kansas City personal injury attorney for a FREE, no obligation consultation – 816-203-0143.  We're eager to assist.


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