Payment of lost wages is rare while your case is pending.

Unfortunately, it is rare in an injury case that the insurance company for the at-fault party to pay your lost wages as you incur them. Generally speaking, lost wages are not paid by the liable party's insurer until a full and final settlement is reached and you sign a release that terminates your right to recover any other damages in connection with the accident.  

A settlement can takes months to reach.  If the matter is contested or liability denied, you may have to file a lawsuit, which can further delay a recovery.  Meanwhile, you may continue to incur lost wages while your case is pending, if you are unable to work due to your injuries.  This can be very stressful as your medical bills and other financial obligations continue to grow.  

Alternative income sources to consider.

As a result, before a recovery is made from the liable party, you need to rely on one or more of the following as an income source if you are unable to work after an accident:

How to recover lost wages and income after injured in accident
  1. Short-term or long-term disability insurance you may have through work or purchased on your own; 
  2. Accident and disability policies you have through work or purchased on your own; or 
  3. Your own personal funds or borrowing money from family or friends until you can pay them back from the money from your case.

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