Neck, Cervical Strain & Whiplash Are Common Accident Injuries in Kansas City

After a car accident in Missouri or Kansas, you may experience neck pain or receive a diagnosis of neck strain, whiplash or other a cervical spine injury.  Kansas City car accident lawyers can help guide you through this process and make sure you receive fair and full compensation for your injuries.

Neck or cervical strain injuries are fairly common and can vary greatly in severity and prognosis.  You may have suffered whiplash.  Whiplash may require physical therapy or rehabilitation but often you can recover fully.  

Settlement Value for Whiplash in Kansas City Car Accident LawyerAlternatively, you may have suffered a more traumatic injury to your neck or spine, such as a herniated disc, tear or even a fracture to your vertebrae. These types of injuries can cause compression of your spinal cord, which may result in serious permanent damage, even paralysis or death. 

These injuries can be serious and require many months - if not years - of treatment.  Even after your treatment is completed, you may require ongoing care and have to endure physical limitations and pain.  

There is a lot at stake in personal injury claims with these types of serious injuries.  For that reason, it is critical that you consult with an experienced spinal cord injury attorney who can provide many helpful services, including advice as to whether the settlement encompasses all potential damages.

Damages You May Recover for a Neck Injury

Depending on the type of neck or spine injury, you will be permitted to seek recovery for certain expenses as part of a personal injury claim. Such expenses include: 

  • any and all medical treatments related to your accident;
  • ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • damages for past and future pain and suffering;
  • lost wages due to inability to work; and
  • other related expenses that you may incur as a result of your car accident in Missouri or Kansas. 

To recover this compensation, our personal injury lawyer in Kansas City will need to prove that your cervical strain and related issues were caused by the car accident at issue. Since this is not always easy to prove, it is recommended that you consult with our experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so that your case will have the best odds of a favorable outcome.  

How Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

The insurance company may try to offer you an initial, low-ball settlement for your cervical strain injury, but you should not accept this offer without first consulting with our lawyer for a free consultation.  Our Kansas City injury attorney has experience from other cases and knowledge of the law, and will be able to evaluate whether the settlement being offered is adequate. 

There are certain deadlines that apply to all personal injury and car accident cases in Kansas and Missouri.  These deadlines vary depending on the type of case and the law that applies. Regardless, you only have a limited amount of time to file for and collect compensation for your injuries, so do not hesitate to reach out to our personal injury lawyer in Kansas City after any car accident in Kansas or Missouri.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Kansas City

Unfortunately, car accidents are a regular occurrence on Kansas City roadways, such as I-70, I-435, I-29, I-49, US-71, Route 50, and I-470. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Kansas City car accident, you can download a FREE copy of our consumer guide, Crash Course: 9 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Accident Claim. You can also contact our Kansas City personal injury attorney for a FREE, no-obligation consultation at 816-203-0143.


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