Benefits to hiring a personal injury attorneyAn attorney is not needed for every small injury case. If your injury and damages are minor, hiring an attorney may not be necessary. However, Missourians and Kansans who have more serious injuries that require medical treatment should consider hiring an attorney to represent them. 

The Benefits of Hiring Our Injury Attorney

There are many benefits to hiring an attorney in your personal injury case, including: 

• Having someone on your side fighting for you, protecting your rights, and explaining to you how the legal system works. 

• Eliminating the stress of dealing with the insurance company and ensuring you receive the fair and full value of your case

• Removing the pressure of collection agencies and medical providers calling you about medical bills because they will be directed to contact us. 

• Maximizing your recovery by negotiating and reducing liens or claims for payment being asserted by hospitals, medical providers, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. 

• Ensuring that your case is prepared and ready for trial if it cannot be settled. 

The law imposes strict deadlines to file suit, provide notice and assert claims for different types of actions. These time limitations can be short and vary greatly depending on what law and jurisdiction applies. The failure to act timely can destroy your claim and right to compensation. For this reason, if you were injured in an accident in Kansas or Missouri, it is critical that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as you can. 

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There are many things an experienced personal injury attorney will do to protect your legal rights.  Every case is different, and the legal team at our Kansas City law firm is happy to help guide you in the process of selecting the best Kansas City attorney for your particular case.  For more information about personal injury claims in Missouri and Kansas, please download a free copy of the consumer guide written by our own Kansas City injury attorney, entitled Crash Course: 9 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim. You can also contact our firm by calling (816) 203-0143, or by filling out our contact us form below for a free, confidential consultation.  

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