Premises liability and negligence laws in Missouri and Kansas allow individuals to sue for injuries caused by negligent security. Individuals can sustain severe physical injuries, mental trauma, and emotional distress because of an attack on another party's property. Victims also incur substantial financial damages because of their injuries.

Negligent security cases can be challenging to pursue without the help of an experienced Kansas City negligent security lawyer.

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What Qualifies as Negligent Security in Missouri & Kansas?

Property owners owe a duty of care to the people who visit their property to provide safe premises. When you visit a business, government building, or private property, you have a right to expect reasonably safe property conditions. If you are injured because of unsafe conditions on the property, the property owner may be financially liable for your injuries and damages.

Premises liability laws cover negligent security claims. Property owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to minimize incidents caused by negligent security, such as violent attacks and assaults. When a property owner fails to keep their property safe, the lack of security can increase the risk of criminal activity on the property. Visitors and guests can be victims of crimes while on the property.

Examples of negligent security that could lead to injuries for guests and visitors include:

  • Lack of lighting or broken lightswalkway with negligent security
  • Blocked emergency exits
  • Unlocked gates and doors
  • Lack of security guards
  • Untrained security guards
  • Broken fencing
  • Lack of security cameras or broken security cameras

When property owners fail to secure the premises, there could be an increased chance of criminal activity. Examples of criminal activity that may occur because of a lack of security include, but are not limited to, shootings, theft, sexual assault, stabbings, assaults, and batteries.

The individual committing the crime may be arrested and punished for the crime. However, criminal penalties do not compensate the victim for financial, physical, and emotional damages caused by the incident.

Reasonable Security Steps Property Owners Should Take in Kansas City

Negligent security can arise when a property owner fails to take reasonable measures to secure the property. The measures a property owner should take can vary depending on the type of property and specific circumstances related to the property.

For example, the steps a residential property owner may need to take to secure their property may differ from steps a convenience store owner or hotel owner must take to secure a property.

Examples of reasonable steps property owners can take to ensure their property is secure include:

  • Installing security systems
  • Ensuring there is sufficient lighting
  • Installing fencing and locked gates
  • Providing security guards
  • Posting warning signs that the premises are monitored
  • Hiring off-duty police officers to provide additional security
  • Screening people as they enter the premises and using metal detectors

Negligent security can result in guests and visitors being attacked or robbed. Injuries and fatalities caused by negligent security can often be prevented if a property owner exercises reasonable care to secure the premises.

Common Injuries from Negligent Security in Kansas City

Individuals attacked or injured because of negligent security can sustain a variety of injuries. Examples of injuries that you could sustain include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  • Emotional and mental trauma, including insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, flashbacks, and withdrawal

In some cases, a person may die from injuries sustained in a negligent security incident. In that case, family members may have a claim for damages under our wrongful death laws.

Damages for a Negligent Security Claim in Missouri & Kansas

Victims of negligent security claims can suffer a variety of damages because a property owner failed to ensure the property was safe. A victim could sustain injuries that result in permanent disabilities and lifelong impairments.

Examples of damages you could sustain because of a lack of security measures include:

  • The cost of medical treatment and personal care for injuries
  • Loss of income from being out of work because of your injuries
  • Financial losses from theft of property
  • Physical pain and suffering caused by your injuries
  • Mental trauma and emotional distress caused by an attack, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and a decrease in your quality of life
  • Permanent disabilities and impairments
  • Embarrassment and anxiety about scarring and disfigurement
  • Decreases in future earning potential because of permanent impairments

The detrimental effects of being the victim of a crime can change your life forever. Victims may recover from their physical injuries, but never fully recover from the trauma caused by an assault or other crime.

A monetary judgment may not undo the damage caused by negligent security. However, holding a negligent property owner liable for your damages can reimburse your financial losses and give you the funds necessary to continue treatment for mental and emotional damages.

Who May Be Liable for Negligent Security in Kansas City?

Individuals can be the victims of negligent security in a variety of settings. Theft, attacks, and injuries because of negligent security can occur at:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • Concerts, theaters, and sports events
  • Office buildings and workplaces
  • Shopping malls
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • Apartment buildings
  • Parking lots and parking garages
  • Airports
  • Nursing homes
  • Universities and schools

Negligent security applies to private property, government-owned property, and commercial property.

However, the rules and laws governing the case may vary slightly. For example, there are strict deadlines for filing claims of negligent security injuries occurring on government property that are much shorter than deadlines for private or commercial property claims.

Premises liability claims, including claims related to negligent security, are subject to the state's statute of limitations. Your claim must be filed before the deadline, or you lose your right to file a lawsuit.

The parties who could be liable for a negligent security claim include residential homeowners, commercial property owners, businesses, government entities, tenants, landlords, and security companies. A Kansas City negligent security lawyer investigates the incident to determine who is liable for your injuries. It is crucial to name the correct party for the claim to recover compensation for your injuries.

Why Do I Need a Kansas City Negligent Security Attorney?

Proving a negligent security claim can be complicated. You must prove that the property owner owed you a duty of care and breached the duty of care. You must also prove that the breach of duty was a direct and proximate cause of your injury, and you sustained damages because of your injury.

Therefore, you must have sufficient evidence proving each legal element of a negligent security claim to win your case. Our legal team thoroughly investigates what happened to you to identify the liable parties and gather evidence proving your claim. We have the experience and resources necessary to handle these types of complex premises liability cases.

We work with you and your physicians to document your damages. Careful documentation of damages increases the value of your injury claim. Our personal injury attorney calculates your claim's maximum value, and we fight to recover that amount from the party or parties liable for your injury.

Our law firm handles filing all claims with insurance providers and responsible parties. We aggressively negotiate for a settlement that compensates you for all damages. If the insurance company or other parties refuse to negotiate in good faith, we will passionately advocate for in court.


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