Unfortunately, this is a question we are asked all too often in serious injury cases.  The general answer is “Yes”.  Both Missouri and Kansas are employee-at-will states. This means that your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all so long as they do not violate anti-discrimination laws or other applicable state or federal laws.

Can my employer fire me after being injured?

For example, there are federal laws such as the FMLA (the Family Medical Leave Act) and ADA (American with Disabilities Act). These laws provide some protection in narrow circumstances. In addition, if you have an employment contract or are a member of a union subject to a collective bargaining agreement, then you may have additional protection such as filing a grievance.

If you are wrongfully terminated under state or federal law, any claim that arises would be a separate employment case.  Our firm works with employment law attorneys quite regularly and can refer you to them for a free evaluation.

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