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Our law firm represented a young mother who was injured in a crash on I-435 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Our client was driving her minivan with her young child on I-435 in rush hour.  A ladder fell off a pick up truck several car ahead of her vehicle.  This ladder fell into the path of a another car that swerved and crashed into our client's minivan.  Our client suffered a cervical neck injury as well as contusions and mild lacerations.  Fortunately, her child was safely secured in a child seat and was not injured. 

Prior to retaining our law firm, our client sought a settlement from both the insurance companies of the drivers of both the truck and car that collided with our client's minivan.  After many months of delay from these insurance companies and a low-ball settlement offer, our client retained our law firm.  We immediately filed suit in Jackson County, Missouri against both parties. After initial discovery was completed, it became clear that the insurance companies were not fairly valuing her injuries. They also did not understand that she would need future treatment for her neck pain.  After submitting further evidence of her injuries, we secured a settlement for our client that covered not only her medical bills and lost wages but also amounts for future treatment.

Substantial Settlement

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