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Our Kansas City personal injury law firm represented a elderly man who was riding as a passenger in a car on I-470 in the Kansas City metro area.  Traffic slowed due to construction work, and the driver of the car in which our client was riding came to a stop.  A small truck crashed into the rear of their vehicle shortly thereafter. Fortunately, our client was wearing a seatbelt and airbags fully deployed to prevent more serious injuries. However, within a day of the crash, our client noted new, shooting pains in his neck and lower back and hip, and he went to the emergency room.  After CT scans and x-rays ruled out fractures or more serious spinal injuries, he underwent further tests.  Eventually, he was diagnosed with whiplash and lumbar radiculopathy.  Several rounds of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment provided only minimal relief.  After obtaining medical records and submitting a demand package, the insurance company for the at fault party paid the full policy limits for his injuries.

Policy limits