Do I need an attorney after a car accident in blue springs Missouri?  Hi I'm Kevin McManus, I'm an accident and injury attorney and we handle cases at our firm throughout the state of Missouri including in Blue Springs.

The answer to your question is it really depends.  I'm actually not a believer in hiring a lawyer for every single type of case.  If it's a relatively minor injury case meaning you maybe went to your primary care physician for some bruises, and maybe you got checked out and you're all better.  If it's that sort of case, then it probably doesn't make sense for you to have an attorney handle a car accident case in Blue Springs. 

However, if there's anything more serious going on, for instance if you went to the emergency room, you still aren't feeling better, you've got persistent neck pain, head pain, maybe a certain extremity of your body like your knee or your elbow are hurting, and you feel like you need to go see an orthopedic specialist ... maybe you're seeing a physical therapist or a chiropractor and you have ongoing care and visits ... that sort of case.  Particularly if there are growing medical bills or if you're losing out on working and you're losing wages.  Those sort of cases have a lot more at stake, and when there's more at stake there's more ways for the insurance company not to pay you what you truly deserve.  In those sort of cases, yes you absolutely should hire us as your attorney. At the very least you should consult with us.  Our firm offers free consultations to anyone who calls us, particularly those who are injured in accidents in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Blue Springs is a great place to live, grow up, and to raise a family.  It's also the nexus of a lot of major highways and unfortunately there are drivers throughout that area that can cause accidents and many times those accidents can be their fault and not yours.  If that's the situation you're in, and you're having more serious injuries like the ones we described. please contact us.  Our number's below.

Call us at 816-203-0143 or through our website chat or contact form.  We're here to help!

Kevin J. McManus
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Kevin McManus is an accident injury and disability lawyer in Kansas City, MO, and Overland Park, KS