probate estate administration lawyer Kansas CityThe emotional pain and anguish from passing of a family member or loved one can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is additional stress and worry from the winding up and distribution of the property and assets of the deceased. Our Kansas City probate, trust and estate trial lawyer can help.

Our law firm has helped clients navigate the probate and estate administration and litigation after recovering funds on behalf of minors or incapacitated persons who were seriously injured as well after recoveries made on behalf of family members in a wrongful death action.  However, the need for probate administration and estate-related litigation can arise in a variety of contexts, including when a family member passes away of natural causes and leaves property or other assets with or without a last will and testament.  

Our Kansas City trial lawyer is experienced in handling probate administration and estate-related disputes in Missouri and Kansas.  If you have lost a loved one or family member and have a question about the probate or estate process or a concern about the actions of a trustee or an executor, please call our Kansas City probate, trust and estate trial lawyer for a free, no obligation consultation: 816-203-0143.

Kansas City Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer

Without experienced guidance and assistance on your side, the probate and estate administration process can be expensive, confusing and overwhelming. Our Kansas City probate administration lawyer, Kevin McManus, helps family members and personal representatives through the probate process with personal attention and in a cost-efficient manner.  Our Kansas City probate administration law firm is adept at working through probate issues quickly and efficiently.

Full-Service Probate & Estate Administration

Our Kansas City probate administration lawyers and legal team can guide you through the entire estate administration process. We can take care of all necessary tasks and eliminate the confusion and stress so you can focus on what matters most, being with your family.  We will complete the required court notifications, pay outstanding bills, work through any estate disputes, file estate taxes, distribute assets to loved ones, and close the estate.  

Actions for Probate & Estate Administration 

The following actions are typically required in Missouri and Kansas probate administration:

  • Submit an application for authority to administer the assets.
  • Apply for and obtain bonds that are required for proper handling of the estate.
  • Draft and publish notification to the deceased’s creditors.
  • Identify and obtain valuations of the deceased’s assets.
  • Advertise and sell non-cash items to fund the estate.
  • Identify and pay all debts, taxes, creditor claims, and expenses.
  • Litigate claims of the deceased’s creditors to maximize and maintain the estate assets.
  • Create a ledger documenting all credits and disbursements.
  • Petition and obtain court approval for distribution and close estate.
  • Prepare and file tax returns on behalf of the estate.

Call our Kansas City Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer

When a loved one or family member passes away, we understand how difficult the circumstances are for you and your family members. Please remember that there are important deadlines to take into consideration with a probate administration, regardless of whether there was a last will. For this reason, you should consult with an experienced probate administration attorney as early as possible.  Our Kansas City probate administration lawyer is ready to provide answers, guidance and assistance.  Please call today for a free, no obligation consultation: 816-203-0143.

Probate, Trust and Estate Dispute Attorney

In addition to administering a probate, estate or trust to a swift conclusion, our Kansas City attorney is ready to assist when dispute arises. Trusts and estate plans are created to protect one’s assets and give clear direction on how one’s assets should be distributed upon one’s death.  Unfortunately, after a loved one passes away, disputes can arise between family members, beneficiaries and executors, trustees or other fiduciaries.  These disputes often involve parties who feel they have been treated unfairly or been denied a right to inherit.

Our Kansas City  trust and estate dispute lawyer, Kevin McManus, is experienced in handling a variety of estate-related matters. Whether a will contest or a dispute over trust management, our law firm has the expertise and trial experience to help our clients obtain the outcome they deserve under the law.  If estate litigation is not appropriate, we can also resolve these disputes through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

Here are some of the ways our Kansas City trust and estate dispute lawyer can help you:

Will Contest Proceedings. Will contests occur when an individual claims that the decedent's will has been either created or changed improperly. Such claim can arise from an assertion of undue influence on the decedent prior to death, or by questioning the mental capacity of the decedent when certain changes to the will were made.  Our law firm represents beneficiaries in bringing will contests during probate or in defending their inheritance rights against will contests brought by third parties. 

Trust Disputes.  Do you think that an executor, trustee or agent under a power of attorney document is improperly handling the assets?  If so, this may be a breach of fiduciary duty, which gives rise to a legal claim for damages under the law.  Our trust dispute lawyer represents plaintiffs and defendants in disputes involving trustees and fiduciaries, including disputes arising from:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty,
  • Improper investment of trust funds,
  • Improper administration or distribution of trust assets,
  • Improper use of trust assets for personal gain,
  • Improper trust administration, 
  • Theft of trust funds, and 
  • Undue influence on or mental incapacity of the grantor

Abuse of Powers of Attorney. Powers of attorney are a dangerous thing when placed in the hands of the wrong person.  Legal action is sometimes necessary to keep that person from looting an estate.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings.  If a person is incapable of handling their own affairs, it may be necessary to have a court appoint a guardian or conservator for that person.  This is another situation where an experienced trust and estates trial attorney can help.

Call Our Kansas City Probate, Trust and Estate Dispute Attorney  

If you have a question or need assistance regarding probate administration or the trust and estate process, please call our Kansas City probate, trust and estate attorney for a free, no obligation consultation today at (816) 203-0143.  We look forward to being of assistance.