Legal process in KS and MO for injury claimsThe process by which your attorney will pursue your injury claim can vary depending on the facts and circumstances of your particular case.  However, generally speaking, there are certain steps an experienced attorney will take to pursue your claim.  These steps can be grouped into the following phases:

  1. Case investigation, evaluation and strategy.
  2. Pre-suit demand and potential negotiation with the insurance company.
  3. Preparation and filing of the lawsuit.
  4. Initiating discovery and preparing for trial.

Once the case is pending, the parties may decide, or the court may require, at least the attempt to discuss settlement through a mediation with a third party neutral.  The parties may also attempt pre-trial settlement discussions on without a mediator to see if the case can be resolved without proceeding to trial.  If the case cannot be resolved, a jury trial will be conducted to decide the outcome of your case.  

These stages of pursuing your claim are further detailed in this library article on our website.  We have also written an article outlining the steps an experienced injury attorney will take, which you may want to review.  

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