Many Nursing Home Lawsuits Settle Outside of Court In Missouri & Kansas

Yes, many cases involving nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect are settled out of court. However, in some situations, we must file a lawsuit before the nursing home for it and its insurance provider take the matter seriously.

From our experience as a nursing home abuse lawyer in Kansas City, the injuries in these cases can be serous and even fatal. Until a lawsuit is filed, the nursing home and the insurance company may treat the claim as minor and offer a small percentage of what the claim is actually worth in an attempt to make you go away. 

What Compensation Can We Receive for a Nursing Home Injury Claim?

The amount of compensation paid for a nursing home injury claim depends on several factors. The factors involved in calculating the value of a nursing home claim include, but are not limited to:

  • nursing home abuse case settle out of court kansas city moThe type and severity of the injuries or harm to the resident;
  • The financial losses and expenses incurred by the resident or the family, such as medical bills, loss of income, travel expense, etc.;
  • Whether the resident suffered permanent impairments or disabilities because of the abuse, neglect, or wrongdoing; 
  • The amount of insurance coverage or other forms of compensation available for the claim;
  • Whether there is a valid dispute regarding liability for the injury or condition; and,
  • Whether the victim passed away from the injuries, abuse, or neglect.

In most nursing home abuse cases, the patient suffers physical, emotional, and mental damages because of the acts of employees, staff members, and the nursing home. Those damages can be included in a personal injury claim. 

In addition to compensation for noneconomic (pain and suffering) damages, a resident of a nursing home may be entitled to compensation for financial losses and expenses. The claim might include reimbursement for expenses related to medical treatment, therapy, counseling, personal care, and moving expenses if the person had to move to another long-term care facility. A family might recover compensation for financial expenses related to the death of their loved one because of nursing home abuse or neglect. 

How Can a Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can result in devastating and painful injuries and emotional abuse. Sadly, abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities are common. Families often do not discover the abuse or neglect until their loved one suffering injuries or harm.

A Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney can help you protect your loved one’s legal rights and fight for fair compensation for damages, injuries, and losses. Nursing homes and their insurance providers aggressively defend allegations of neglect and abuse. A nursing home attorney in Kansas City can investigate allegations of abuse and neglect, even with the nursing home is not forthcoming or helpful. 

An attorney understands the legal rights of residents and the laws that exist to protect nursing home residents from abuse and neglect. An attorney also has the resources available to conduct an investigation and pursue legal action against the parties responsible for hurting your family member.  For all these reasons, you should strongly consider hiring a nursing home abuse attorney as soon as you see warning signs of abuse or neglect.

Contact Our Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney for Help

If your loved one has suffered harm because of abuse or neglect by a nursing home, we are here to help. Our legal team will fight to hold the parties responsible for the abuse and neglect responsible for their wrongdoing and negligence. We take care of the legal steps while you care for your loved one.

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