You see the vehicles out for deliveries throughout Missouri and Kansas. UPS and FedEx trucks are common on neighborhood streets, interstates, and city streets.  Unfortunately, some delivery drivers are in a hurry because of tight deadlines.  If a UPS or FedEx driver causes an accident, the driver and the company may be liable for damages.

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Who's Responsible for a FedEx or UPS Delivery Truck Accident — The Driver or the Delivery Company?

The first step in determining who is at fault for a UPS or Fed-Ex accident is to investigate the cause of the crash.  Our Kansas City accident attorneys conduct a thorough accident investigation to determine how the collision occurred and which driver was responsible for the factors that led to the crash.  If the Fed-Ex or UPS driver is shown to be at fault, the driver could be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by the crash.

UPS or Fed-Ex might also be liable for damages caused by their employees if the driver was on duty at the time of the accident.  For a delivery company to be liable for injuries caused by one of its drivers, you need to prove the following:

  • the delivery company employed the driver;
  • the driver was working or on duty at the time of the crash; and,
  • the driver was engaged in normal working activities, such as traveling to a delivery destination.

In most cases, the elements required to prove the delivery company is also liable for damages is not difficult.  Requesting copies of the employment documents prove that the driver was employed.  However, proving that the driver was on duty and engaged in normal work activities could be more difficult.

For example, if the driver was on a lunch break, the company might not be liable for damages.  If the driver was in the middle of a personal errand or performing activities that were not part of the normal job duties, the company might deny liability for the accident.

Our Kansas City delivery truck accident attorney will hold accountable any parties who may be responsible for the accident.  Even if the driver was on a break or running an errand, if we prove the company was aware of that fact and approved the use of the vehicle, the company could still be found liable.

Steps to Take After an Accident with UPS Delivery Van or FedEx Trucks

fedex ups delivery van truck accident kansas city mo.jpgIf you are involved in an accident involving a delivery vehicle, treat the accident as you would any other car crash:

  • Call 911 to report the accident and request assistance.
  • Take photographs and make videos of the car accident scene.
  • Ask witnesses for their information and don’t discuss the crash with anyone other than the police officer.
  • Visit a doctor as soon as possible to document your injuries from the accident.

Both UPS and FedEx carry liability insurance that covers their vehicles and drivers.  Our attorney will begin a claim by contacting the customer service department of either company. We're experienced with these types of cases and filing injury claims.

If you try filing a claim on your own, dealing with a large insurance company can be overwhelming and frustrating.  Injury claims caused by a delivery truck driver are not a guarantee of payment. The insurance providers for the company will most likely fight the claim, and try to keep for paying it.  This is why we encourage you to contact our Kansas City delivery truck accident attorney to discuss your claim and protect your legal rights. 

Our attorneys take care of all aspects of the claims process, including performing an accident investigation, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, talking to the police, filing an insurance claim, and pursuing full compensation for your damages and injuries.  If you're unsure what to do after this type of accident, call our office to get the help you deserve.

Are You Being Blamed for the FedEx or UPS Delivery Truck Accident?

UPS or FedEx and the delivery driver may try to blame you for causing the accident.  This tactic is a common way to avoid liability or decrease the value of an injury claim. Under Missouri’s comparative fault laws, your compensation can be decreased by the percentage of fault assigned to you for the crash.  In Kansas, you can lose your right to any compensation for damages if you are found to be 50 percent or more at fault for the cause of the crash. 

Don’t let a delivery company blame you for causing a crash to lower the amount of money your claim is worth.  Contact our office now to talk to one of our experienced Kansas City FedEx and UPS delivery truck accident attorneys.  We're here to help.

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