Bike Accidents in Kansas City

how and where bicycle accidents occur in Kansas city

Bicyclists have a legal right to ride in the right of way along with cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers of cars and trucks often fail to see small bicycles, or give them the respect they deserve. As a result, many bicycle crashes occur throughout Kansas and Missouri due to a variety of causes and circumstances. 

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Common Places Where Bike Accidents Occur in Kansas City

Where do you bicycle accidents commonly occur in Kansas City? Bicycle crashes can happen anywhere including quiet neighborhood streets, or active downtown roadways. Of course, with increased density and congestion, bicycle accidents become more prevalent. Below are a few common areas where bicycle accidents commonly occur.

1. Intersections. When drivers of cars attempt to make left hand turns or right hand turns, they often forget to look out for bicycles nearby. In addition, drivers may see a cyclists but try to pass them before turning at an intersection. They also may not wait for the cyclist to cross the intersection before making a turn. In any of these situations, cars and trucks at intersections can cause crashes with bicycle.

2. Parking lots and driveways. Parking lots are areas with lots of different activity, whether pedestrians, bikes or cars. Drivers of cars often are pulling in and out of parking lots, and fail to look out for bicyclists. When this happens, a cyclist can be cut off or thrown from their bike. Even more serious injuries may occur if the cyclists is put into danger in a busy roadway.

3.  Busy city streets. When drivers attempt to pass bicyclists on the roadway, they often pass them too closely, or fail to give cyclists sufficient room to maneuver. This can result in a bicyclist being sideswiped, which can send a cyclist off the road.

Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes in Kansas City 

In addition to the areas referred to above, certain circumstances where bicycle crashes commonly occur, including: number one, distracted driving. Whether a driver is texting, talking on the phone, there is immediate danger to everyone around. This includes bicyclists who are attempting to share the road with these distracted drivers.

Drowsy driving. The drivers of trucks and commercial vehicles are often attempting to drive long hours without sleeping. This can result in fatigued driving, which increases the probability of crashes.

Drunk or impaired driving. When drivers are impaired by drugs or alcohol, they are unable to make prompt decisions or react as needed to other vehicles, including cyclists in the road. Their vision may be altered and they may simply fail to see a bicyclist in the road.

Reckless driving. When a driver is speeding or driving in a manner that otherwise breaks the law in Kansas or Missouri, there's an increased risk to everyone including cyclists nearby.

Bicycle Crashes Result in Serious Injuries 

When cars or trucks make contact with bicycles, the cyclists often suffer very serious or life-threatening injuries. As a result, cyclists can benefit from getting sound legal advice regarding their rights and potential remedies. An experienced personal injury attorney can also guide you on what to do after your bicycle accident.

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